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Integrating marketing channel management into your CRM systems and processes can help your channel managers reach the largest possible audience and manage your supply chain most effectively. Explore the latest news, analysis, and advice on channel management.

What CRM Automation Doesn't Offer, Process Does

Manage by exception to zero in on buyers' needs.

The Unified Omnichannel Enterprise Is No Longer a Pipe Dream

A company must connect all of its interaction channels so a customer can traverse them without losing any data.

Forging the Next CRM Frontier

Integrated technologies hold great promise for the future of CRM.

Turning the Customer Experience Tide

The risk and opportunity of promising seamless customer experiences.

Preparing for the Omnichannel Environment

In a world where so much attention is placed on technology, we shouldn't lose sight of the human element.

WCM: A Sexy Tool for Digital Customer Experience

Differentiate your business with this vital software.

Are We Too Connected?

Despite the highly connected world we live in, some well-known companies are bucking the trend and becoming decidedly more disconnected from their customers.


Will you fight for your name?

Why Contact Centers Don't Adopt Performance Management

Despite excuses, catching up with other enterprises is only a matter of time.

Get Personal or Get Abandoned

To spot customer changes before it's too late, customer interaction strategies must be continually monitored and updated

The Evolution of Social CRM

Early adopters must build trust and community

Consumers Power Transformational Marketing

Engaging customers in personalized dialogue replaces pushing messages through mass media

Is Social Commerce Disruptive or Intrusive?

Issues like privacy and fair use of data pose a formidable challenge

CRM Recovers with Low-Cost Options

Being agile in today's competitive market enables organizations to better respond to customers' changing needs.

Marketing Beyond the Cloud

Technology and strategy convert customer interactions into actionable insight

Something Borrowed, Something Blogged

Marrying a variety of voice-of-the-customer approaches, David's Bridal tries measuring sentiment among social media-savvy brides.

Has Our Technology Exceeded Our Humanity?

Your challenge, in a lot of ways, is to infuse what you do with humanity.

Marketing on a Leash

Tight budgets and heightened expectations combine to pose a challenge.

Social CRM Gains Social Acceptance

The emerging tools and technologies have already influenced the outcome of this year's CRM Market Awards.

Analyze This!

Are we suffering from too little data, or wallowing in too much of it?