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David Myron
Editorial Director, CRM and Speech Technology magazines and SmartCustomerService.com

David is responsible for the general direction and day-to-day operations of CRM magazineSpeech Technology magazine, and SmartCustomerService.com. He also oversees the Web sites, weekly email newsletters, and Webinars for all three publications. In addition to story assigning and editing responsibilities for each publication, he spearheads the direction of CRM's annual Market Awards and Service Awards and Speech Technology's Speech Industry Awards. David is also the conference program director of the annual CRM Evolution, SpeechTEK, and Customer Service Experience conferences, where he presents and moderates sessions.

A multiple-award-winning writer and editor, David brings more than a decade of business and technology writing experience to CRM and Speech Technology magazines and their associated products. His articles have appeared in magazines from leading media publishers, including CMP Media, Forbes, Freedom Communications, Primedia, and Ziff Davis. David's work has been cited in various business strategy books, including Best Face Forward: Why Companies Must Improve Their Service Interfaces with Customers (Harvard Business School Press), Return On Customer: Creating Maximum Value From Your Scarcest Resource (Doubleday), and What Women Really Want: How American Women Are Quietly Erasing Political, Racial, Class, and Religious Lines to Change the Way We Live (Simon & Schuster). David is also quoted in a variety of newspapers, including The Arizona Republic, The Chicago Tribune, and Newsday. He is also a co-author of the research report "CRM Market Forecast: 2002-2003" (Primedia) and co-author of the book Application Service Providing: The Ultimate Guide to Hiring Rather than Buying Applications (SCN Education).

David started at CRM magazine in October 2001 as a senior editor covering customer service and the contact center industry. After a stint in 2004 at American Demographics magazine, covering Generation X buying and behavioral trends, he returned to CRM in January 2005 as editor-in-chief. In August 2006, after Information Today Inc. acquired Speech Technology magazine, David became the editorial director of both publications. Prior to his first period at CRM magazine, he worked on PC Magazine's IT Insider Series, covering CRM and wireless technology. He also served as the founding editor of Small Business Solutions Provider, a monthly supplement to Small Business Computing magazine, and as the founding online editor of the Small Business Computing and Home Office Computing Web sites. Prior to that David was the small business editor at CMP Media's VARBusiness magazine. He received a BA in print journalism from Hofstra University.

Articles By David Myron
As the cloud, analytics, omnichannel, the IoT, systems of engagement, and other technologies evolve, a lot of opportunities will continue to emerge for CRM professionals.
Posted 01 Dec 2016 [December 2016 Issue]
There's no end to how much business leaders are willing to scrutinize their employees
Posted 01 Nov 2016 [November 2016 Issue]
Trust in business grew from 48 percent in 2015 to 53 percent in 2016
Posted 01 Oct 2016 [October 2016 Issue]
Customer journey maps can help organizations understand customers' motivations, feelings, questions, and expectations at any given customer touch point.
Posted 01 Sep 2016 [September 2016 Issue]
Volker Hildebrand and Sameer Patel comment on the changing nature of customer relationships and how businesses should view systems of record and engagement.
Posted 05 Aug 2016
It's like having a personal guide who tells sales and marketing professionals 'This profile is one of your best'
Posted 25 Jul 2016 [August 2016 Issue]
Clinging to the status quo is not an option. Disruption is happening.
Posted 01 Jul 2016 [July 2016 Issue]
Vinda Souza explains how breaking down the walls between email and CRM systems can help organizations find valuable insight.
Posted 24 Jun 2016
"Timeliness and relevancy are the foundation of delivering personalized customer experiences in real time."
Posted 01 Jun 2016 [June 2016 Issue]
The former Disney leadership team member urges organizations to focus on improving their customer experiences. (Featured on SmartCustomerService.com.)
Posted 11 May 2016
Organizations must figure out a way to leverage automation to cut support costs and improve customer experiences
Posted 01 May 2016 [May 2016 Issue]
All businesses must become much more attentive to customer behaviors
Posted 01 Apr 2016 [April 2016 Issue]
In this exclusive interview CEO Robert Johnson reveals the company's latest customer support updates and future product plans.
Posted 11 Mar 2016
Posted 22 Feb 2016 [March 2016 Issue]
People change, so always be ready and willing to challenge preconceived notions about them
Posted 02 Feb 2016 [February 2016 Issue]
Focus on a thorough gap analysis, an assessment of what lies ahead, and a stellar customer relationship strategy
Posted 01 Jan 2016 [January 2016 Issue]
Firms must be smart about the ways they collect and maintain customer data.
Posted 01 Dec 2015 [December 2015 Issue]
An empathetic employee will listen to customers, understand their needs, and be motivated to provide them with the right solution
Posted 01 Nov 2015 [November 2015 Issue]
Financial institutions should figure out a way to appropriately compensate disgruntled customers.
Posted 01 Oct 2015 [October 2015 Issue]
If your organization is not regularly revisiting how it captures, tracks, and manages data, even good data can turn into garbage very quickly
Posted 01 Sep 2015 [September 2015 Issue]
Follow these 10 steps to deploy a successful social CRM strategy.
Posted 04 Aug 2015
The growth of digital marketing, CRM's new tie-ins with mainstream technologies, and a strong showing by Microsoft headline our 14th annual market awards.
Posted 31 Jul 2015 [August 2015 Issue]
To improve customer trust, start with measures to protect it.
Posted 30 Jun 2015 [July 2015 Issue]
Posted 29 May 2015 [June 2015 Issue]
It's nice to have options—that's how disruption starts.
Posted 01 May 2015 [May 2015 Issue]
It's time to make knowledge one of the essential components of a successful CRM strategy.
Posted 01 Apr 2015 [April 2015 Issue]
A best-of-breed solution from a small company doesn't have to be such a risky proposition after all.
Posted 01 Mar 2015 [March 2015 Issue]
'Personalization should permeate the customer experience at every touch point.'
Posted 01 Feb 2015 [February 2015 Issue]
'Things that increase the efficiency of sales reps are not valuable today.'
Posted 01 Jan 2015 [January 2015 Issue]
While creating a customer journey map that accounts for experiences across multiple channels might sound difficult, it is possible.
Posted 01 Dec 2014 [December 2014 Issue]
Before diving headfirst into social media, it's important to lay the groundwork for success.
Posted 01 Nov 2014 [November 2014 Issue]
Unfortunately, bad customer service stories are more common than we'd like to think.
Posted 01 Oct 2014 [October 2014 Issue]
New methods of collecting customer data are already providing attractive returns on their investment.
Posted 01 Sep 2014 [September 2014 Issue]
Without influence, great strategies and technologies can fall flat.
Posted 08 Aug 2014
Companies must connect communication channels, shrink big data, and create emotionally charged experiences.
Posted 01 Aug 2014 [August 2014 Issue]
A company must connect all of its interaction channels so a customer can traverse them without losing any data.
Posted 01 Jul 2014 [July 2014 Issue]
Today's customers not only want coupons, they demand them.
Posted 01 Jun 2014 [June 2014 Issue]
To collect valuable insight, organizations must tackle a few emerging data trends.
Posted 01 May 2014 [May 2014 Issue]
The importance of customer engagement will surpass customer experience.
Posted 01 Apr 2014 [April 2014 Issue]
This year's hottest customer service trends include social media, cloud technology, and mobile devices.
Posted 01 Mar 2014 [March 2014 Issue]
Despite its limitations, progressive organizations are leveraging social media as part of an omnichannel customer service strategy.
Posted 01 Feb 2014 [February 2014 Issue]
Posted 01 Jan 2014 [January 2014 Issue]
We'll likely see mobile technology deployments accelerate pretty rapidly during the next few years.
Posted 01 Dec 2013 [December 2013 Issue]
In a world where so much attention is placed on technology, we shouldn't lose sight of the human element.
Posted 01 Nov 2013 [November 2013 Issue]
Organizations should take a serious look at how they are managing their data.
Posted 01 Oct 2013 [October 2013 Issue]
As more people use smartphones, tablets, and e-commerce sites, showrooming will likely intensify.
Posted 01 Sep 2013 [September 2013 Issue]
Graduating from tactical thinking to strategic thinking requires changes in your organization's people, processes, and technologies.
Posted 01 Aug 2013 [August 2013 Issue]
Neuromarketing aims to uncover what's going on at the subconscious level.
Posted 01 Jul 2013 [July 2013 Issue]
By joining customers' network of peers, organizations have an opportunity to improve customer trust.
Posted 01 Jun 2013 [June 2013 Issue]
'How can we have growth like a modern dealership if we don't have the things that a modern dealership has?'
Posted 01 May 2013 [May 2013 Issue]
Despite the highly connected world we live in, some well-known companies are bucking the trend and becoming decidedly more disconnected from their customers.
Posted 01 Apr 2013 [April 2013 Issue]
Fear is not a strategy.
Posted 01 Mar 2013 [March 2013 Issue]
"You cocreate your brand with your customers and the sooner you realize that, the stronger your brand will be."
Posted 01 Feb 2013 [February 2013 Issue]
Companies looking to improve user adoption should remove as many obstacles as possible for customers and prospects.
Posted 01 Jan 2013 [January 2013 Issue]
I was surprised to discover that one of the first sites I visited after the storm was not optimized for mobile devices.
Posted 01 Dec 2012 [December 2012 Issue]
Posted 01 Nov 2012 [November 2012 Issue]
Posted 25 Sep 2012 [October 2012 Issue]
An exclusive interview with Oracle President Mark Hurd.
Posted 25 Sep 2012 [October 2012 Issue]
Posted 01 Sep 2012 [September 2012 Issue]
Posted 01 Aug 2012 [August 2012 Issue]
Posted 01 Jul 2012 [July 2012 Issue]
Posted 01 Jun 2012 [June 2012 Issue]
Learn how to be unique in a crowded marketplace and add distinctive value to customer experiences.
Posted 30 May 2012
Posted 01 May 2012 [May 2012 Issue]
Posted 01 Apr 2012 [April 2012 Issue]
Posted 01 Mar 2012 [March 2012 Issue]
Posted 01 Feb 2012 [February 2012 Issue]
Posted 01 Jan 2012 [January 2012 Issue]
Posted 01 Dec 2011 [December 2011 Issue]
Any interaction customers have with your company is a reflection of your brand.
Posted 02 Nov 2011 [November 2011 Issue]
Responding in a way that is mutually beneficial to a company and its customers applies across the enterprise
Posted 01 Oct 2011 [October 2011 Issue]
To spot customer changes before it's too late, customer interaction strategies must be continually monitored and updated
Posted 01 Sep 2011 [September 2011 Issue]
Being agile in today's competitive market enables organizations to better respond to customers' changing needs.
Posted 21 Jul 2011 [August 2011 Issue]
All's fair in love and war—and retail
Posted 24 Jun 2011 [July 2011 Issue]
Posted 18 May 2011 [June 2011 Issue]
Growing acceptance of cloud-based applications creates opportunities.
Posted 12 May 2011
To make the best use of your time and your company's CRM investments, you must measure what you manage.
Posted 15 Apr 2011 [May 2011 Issue]
Personalizing customer communications is important, but it's essential to understand your audiences' preferences and not assume that you know them.
Posted 17 Mar 2011 [April 2011 Issue]
Posted 02 Mar 2011 [March 2011 Issue]
Posted 07 Feb 2011 [February 2011 Issue]
Being more proactive is not merely a nice thought, it's essential.
Posted 04 Nov 2010 [October 2010 Issue]
Your challenge, in a lot of ways, is to infuse what you do with humanity.
Posted 22 Sep 2010 [September 2010 Issue]
The emerging tools and technologies have already influenced the outcome of this year's CRM Market Awards.
Posted 02 Aug 2010 [August 2010 Issue]
Posted 12 Jul 2010 [July 2010 Issue]
Posted 09 Jun 2010 [June 2010 Issue]
Just because companies cede control of a customer relationship doesn't mean they cede influence.
Posted 11 May 2010 [May 2010 Issue]
SAS Global Forum 2010: The business analytics giant aims to help medium and large enterprises understand customer sentiment and respond.
Posted 16 Apr 2010
Posted 06 Apr 2010 [April 2010 Issue]
Posted 10 Mar 2010 [March 2010 Issue]
Posted 10 Feb 2010 [February 2010 Issue]
Posted 26 Jan 2010 [January 2010 Issue]
There are instances when primarily focusing on the experience makes sense.
Posted 01 Dec 2009 [December 2009 Issue]
Marc Benioff has upended the CRM industry with his vision, service, marketing prowess, and tenacity
Posted 06 Nov 2009 [November 2009 Issue]
Salesforce.com has proven the importance of making sure its customers are successful.
Posted 01 Nov 2009 [November 2009 Issue]
If your goal is to launch a viral campaign simply to increase your brand awareness, you're flirting with danger.
Posted 01 Oct 2009 [October 2009 Issue]
The CRM industry grew 12.5 percent in 2008, to $9.15 billion.
Posted 01 Sep 2009 [September 2009 Issue]
Proven business strategies abound—even new ones.
Posted 01 Aug 2009 [August 2009 Issue]
In a recession, an innovative organization can learn to focus on fewer projects—but ones that can meet and even exceed expectations.
Posted 01 Jul 2009 [July 2009 Issue]
Customer attitudinal information is what companies have been clamoring to obtain for years.
Posted 01 Jun 2009 [June 2009 Issue]
Stress levels brought about by the economy are making people more combative in their everyday lives.
Posted 01 May 2009 [May 2009 Issue]
Customer strategists' service and support options are rapidly multiplying.
Posted 06 Apr 2009 [April 2009 Issue]
In tough economic times, people are forced to dig a little deeper.
Posted 01 Mar 2009 [March 2009 Issue]
In a difficult economy, don't sit idly by. Do something -- but be sure it has a payoff.
Posted 01 Feb 2009 [February 2009 Issue]
Google doesn't want its name to be only synonymous with search.
Posted 01 Jan 2009 [January 2009 Issue]
Clearly, improving customer trust should be a major focus for organizations in 2009.
Posted 01 Dec 2008 [December 2008 Issue]
Voters are also customers, and customers vote with their cash.
Posted 01 Nov 2008 [November 2008 Issue]
if the message in a television commercial isn't compelling, simply raising the volume isn't going to make it so.
Posted 01 Oct 2008 [October 2008 Issue]
SaaS revenue will likely remain the driving force behind the CRM industry's growth, but emerging niche markets will also play a role.
Posted 01 Sep 2008 [September 2008 Issue]
Too many companies are losing agents at an alarming rate, simply because they're often measuring, managing, and treating the wrong problems.
Posted 01 Aug 2008 [August 2008 Issue]
Many companies are already seeing the ownership, or control, of their customer relationships shift toward the customer.
Posted 01 Jul 2008 [July 2008 Issue]
Unfortunately, too many executives are reactive and only turn to loyalty programs when problems arise.
Posted 01 Jun 2008 [June 2008 Issue]
The May 2008 issue of the magazine covers three areas that are experiencing -- or are on the verge of experiencing -- extraordinary shifts in their respective markets.
Posted 01 May 2008 [May 2008 Issue]
New kinds of software solutions are playing an integral role in helping companies provide faster and more accurate support.
Posted 01 Apr 2008 [April 2008 Issue]
Preserving cultures in America is a growing phenomenon -- one that marketers would be wise to address.
Posted 01 Mar 2008 [March 2008 Issue]
Despite all the buzz around CRM 2.0 and Web 2.0, companies, on average, have been stuck in place for two years.
Posted 01 Feb 2008 [February 2008 Issue]
We recently overhauled our own IVR. What we learned can provide useful lessons as you adopt Web 2.0, CRM 2.0, and social networking strategies.
Posted 01 Jan 2008 [January 2008 Issue]
The one overarching trend that will likely make an indelible mark on customer-centric strategies will involve social networking in a big way.
Posted 01 Dec 2007 [December 2007 Issue]
The failure of many word-of-mouth marketing campaigns is largely due to their transparency.
Posted 01 Nov 2007 [November 2007 Issue]
Generating insight into sales and marketing performance is critical for making smarter business decisions.
Posted 01 Oct 2007 [October 2007 Issue]
Salesforce.com and others prove that small oceans can still make big, big waves.
Posted 01 Sep 2007 [September 2007 Issue]
Automation is beginning to prove its value--not only in cutting costs, but in driving revenue as well.
Posted 01 Aug 2007 [August 2007 Issue]
Focus on providing value to salespeople and to the company.
Posted 01 Jul 2007 [July 2007 Issue]
I've noticed an unfortunate eagerness to view business intelligence as a business panacea.
Posted 01 Jun 2007 [June 2007 Issue]
Even if a salesperson is successful selling to these blues, consider what the company sacrifices.
Posted 01 May 2007 [May 2007 Issue]
Analysts will likely be less forgiving of WFO vendors that ignore speech technology in the future.
Posted 01 Apr 2007 [April 2007 Issue]
Thankfully, CRM implementations are not as risky as they used to be.
Posted 01 Mar 2007 [March 2007 Issue]
If business professionals would pause for a moment to analyze how their short-term actions can negatively affect long-term customer attrition rates, many would likely do things differently.
Posted 01 Feb 2007 [February 2007 Issue]
In minutes P&G on its Web site accomplished what takes other companies months or years -- and millions of dollars -- to do.
Posted 01 Jan 2007 [January 2007 Issue]
There will be lots of potential for customer data quality apps; financial and product data also stand to benefit.
Posted 01 Dec 2006 [December 2006 Issue]
There isn't much difference across generations when it comes to consumer loyalty.
Posted 01 Nov 2006 [November 2006 Issue]
Every person and company mentioned in this issue should be proud to have helped the industry experience its second consecutive year of growth since its post-Y2K malaise.
Posted 01 Oct 2006 [October 2006 Issue]
When consumers' days are filled with all work and no play, it makes communicating with them even more difficult than usual.
Posted 01 Sep 2006 [September 2006 Issue]
Many business professionals still need some convincing when it comes to using CRM technology.
Posted 01 Aug 2006 [August 2006 Issue]
The Nicaraguan government is betting that U.S. companies will opt for educated, bilingual agents for an average wage of $2.35 per hour, which is even lower than India's average agent hourly wage.
Posted 01 Jul 2006 [July 2006 Issue]
The affluent are not the only ones craving premium experiences.
Posted 01 Jun 2006 [June 2006 Issue]
A recent bone-chilling story involving delayed cell phone messages has convinced me to stick with reliable landlines.
Posted 01 May 2006 [May 2006 Issue]
A close look at CRM's third annual Service Leader awards issue reveals that in some areas, the age-old debate is being resolved.
Posted 01 Apr 2006 [April 2006 Issue]
At its Convergence conference, the software giant touts real-time integration and a hosted CRM offering.
Posted 28 Mar 2006
Consumers are growing more frustrated with and resistant to companies.
Posted 01 Mar 2006 [March 2006 Issue]
Good relationships, over time, generate more value for customers and, as a result, more revenue for businesses.
Posted 01 Feb 2006 [February 2006 Issue]
This is an example of a simple market research campaign becoming a botched effort, resulting in a call to the police.
Posted 01 Jan 2006 [January 2006 Issue]
The company beats the release's expected launch date with aplomb.
Posted 01 Jan 2006 [January 2006 Issue]
Oracle plans to release its first fused application in January 2006.
Posted 01 Dec 2005 [December 2005 Issue]
A bad customer experience is only the beginning of a much bigger problem for sizeable airlines.
Posted 01 Dec 2005 [December 2005 Issue]
A distinguished Gartner analyst offers some tips for success and a CRM maturity model at Gartner's CRM Summit.
Posted 02 Nov 2005
There's no question that when boomers retire their spending habits will change. However, this doesn't mean economic calamity for Wall Street, as several factors can help sustain the economy.
Posted 01 Nov 2005 [November 2005 Issue]
There will likely come a time when not one, but all vendors in the large enterprise category offer a hosted solution.
Posted 01 Oct 2005 [October 2005 Issue]
Congratulations to this year's award recipients. Their hard work this past year has helped organizations streamline many of their business processes and significantly improve their customer relationship efforts.
Posted 23 Sep 2005
Product service and support for existing customers highlight Open World day 2, but challenges have emerged for Siebel customers' business.
Posted 20 Sep 2005
Identity theft victims' assurance of security reflects comfort levels with online banking, and not their loyalty to a particular bank.
Posted 01 Sep 2005 [September 2005 Issue]
Version 3.0 focuses on the SMB market with hosting options, Outlook integration, and marketing automation tools.
Posted 01 Sep 2005 [September 2005 Issue]
New product coverage only helped to inflate the 1990s technology bubble by focusing more on the technologies' gee-whiz factor than on the business problem they aimed to solve.
Posted 01 Aug 2005 [August 2005 Issue]
Once transactional systems are in place many ask the obvious next-step question: What do I do with the information?
Posted 01 Jul 2005 [July 2005 Issue]
In honor of the 100th issue of CRM magazine we bring you 100 proven CRM ideas--90 great ones and 10 not-so-great ones.
Posted 01 Jun 2005 [June 2005 Issue]
...successful and disastrous: 90 bright ideas for your CRM strategy and 10 dim ones to avoid. Edited by David Myron
Posted 01 Jun 2005 [June 2005 Issue]
...successful and disastrous: 90 bright ideas for your CRM strategy and 10 dim ones to avoid. Edited by David Myron
Posted 01 Jun 2005 [June 2005 Issue]
Most industries don't have to clear the same hurdles as the tobacco industry, but more products and legislation will likely thwart your communication attempts.
Posted 02 May 2005 [May 2005 Issue]
SAS upgrades its Enterprise BI Server to include OLAP, and query and reporting tools.
Posted 02 May 2005 [May 2005 Issue]
May the efforts of the 2005 Service Leaders, Service Excellence, and Service Elite award winners continue to build and maintain consumer trust and satisfaction.
Posted 01 Apr 2005 [April 2005 Issue]
CRM magazine presents the Service Leaders awards to the most impressive providers of customer care architecture, technology, and services who have worked tirelessly over the past year to improve their capabilities so that contact centers can go about their crucial business more efficiently and effectively than ever before.
Posted 01 Apr 2005 [April 2005 Issue]
CRM magazine presents the Service Leaders awards to the most impressive providers of customer care architecture, technology, and services who have worked tirelessly over the past year to improve their capabilities so that contact centers can go about their crucial business more efficiently and effectively than ever before.
Posted 01 Apr 2005 [April 2005 Issue]
It's still about the people and the processes that drive the technology.
Posted 01 Mar 2005 [March 2005 Issue]
The latest product upgrades enable the CRM software giant to better serve the SMB market.
Posted 11 Jan 2005
Cognos unveils its latest upgrades in enterprise corporate planning capabilities, designed to provide a real-time single view of a company's operations.
Posted 16 Dec 2004
Most firms' analytical activity is fairly rudimentary, according to a new study.
Posted 15 Dec 2004
Analog Method unveils its first hosted partner extranet.
Posted 13 Dec 2004
Active Decisions is offering Consumer Reports product information online and at retail locations to help customers make the best purchasing decisions.
Posted 10 Dec 2004
EADS readies the largest single-system contact center operation for Sprint.
Posted 09 Dec 2004
Industry pundits maintain that the biggest growth area in CRM over the next three years will be in the public sector, especially within state and local governments.
Posted 01 Jul 2004 [July 2004 Issue]
At its core, workforce optimization prepares a staff to manage the ebb and flow of daily call volumes into a call center.
Posted 01 Jul 2004 [July 2004 Issue]
The company is now able to be more responsive to customer needs, as software upgrades are based on customer feedback from the site.
Posted 01 Jul 2004 [July 2004 Issue]
Marketers have done a lot of house cleaning and are better positioned and able to effectively garner more budgets internally.
Posted 01 Jun 2004 [June 2004 Issue]
Application service providers are building on their success with hosted CRM applications and jockeying for position in the budding computer telephony service provider market.
Posted 01 Jun 2004 [June 2004 Issue]
An overwhelming 85 percent of respondents stated that cost reduction is their priority.
Posted 04 May 2004
Onyx Software today unveiled its latest call center offerings, including updated intelligent call scripting functionality and a partnership to provide agents with knowledge management capabilities.
Posted 03 May 2004
Reward agents not simply for volume, but also for meeting customer-focused goals.
Posted 03 May 2004 [May 2004 Issue]
When a rep can squeeze in time with physicians it is paramount to bring the right message to the right doctors at the right time.
Posted 03 May 2004 [May 2004 Issue]
The industry's average customer churn rate at 30 percent annually, but a closer look indicates that the market could contain even more would-be churners.
Posted 03 May 2004 [May 2004 Issue]
The company moved its customer service center to another of Bell Canada's multitenant buildings, a 60,000-square-foot facility about four miles away from its headquarters.
Posted 03 May 2004 [May 2004 Issue]
Overall, SMBs are expected to increase their technology spending this year 6.6 percent over last year.
Posted 29 Apr 2004
G-Force '04: Updates to the Genesys voice platform include the ability to decouple hardware from software to enable easier application development on the customer side.
Posted 28 Apr 2004
In 2003 NetSuite's overall revenue jumped 300 percent, a growth rate CEO Zach Nelson says is largely attributable to its reseller channel.
Posted 23 Apr 2004
PeopleSoft announced that George Ahn, a former Tibco, Siebel Systems, and IBM veteran, will spearhead its PeopleSoft CRM solutions.
Posted 20 Apr 2004
Echopass has unveiled its upgraded TeleCenter 2.0, a hosted call center suite, which makes use of a partnership with Salesforce.com and Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories.
Posted 15 Apr 2004
Pitney Bowes to Acquire Group 1 Software to help marketers clean up their customer data and lower direct mail costs.
Posted 13 Apr 2004
IBM has unveiled its plan to acquire Daksh e-Services, India's third-largest business process outsourcing (BPO) services firm.
Posted 08 Apr 2004
Blue Pumpkin's latest suite upgrade adds benchmarking, forecasting, and incentive management capabilities to merge performance optimization with workforce management.
Posted 06 Apr 2004
Capital One Terminates Indian Call Center Relationship after Wipro Spectramind discovered agents' unethical business practices.
Posted 01 Apr 2004
With the high cost of dirty data becoming increasingly apparent, companies are turning to outsourced data specialists.
Posted 01 Apr 2004 [April 2004 Issue]
Acxiom and ADP's service enhances ADP's DataFresh product by making use of three data integration and data hygiene offerings from Acxiom: AbiliTec, Acxiom BestAddress, and Acxiom ChangePlus.
Posted 01 Apr 2004 [April 2004 Issue]
The report finds that most emails are opened on Wednesday and that unsubscribe rates are declining.
Posted 01 Apr 2004 [April 2004 Issue]
infoUSA and its division BusinessCreditUSA announced that they are offering customers unlimited access to business credit reports, and more.
Posted 01 Apr 2004 [April 2004 Issue]
SAS Institute has unveiled SAS9 Intelligence Platform, its biggest product launch to date, uses grid computing and multithreading technology capabilities to increase speed, reliability, and scalability.
Posted 31 Mar 2004
A new report by The Yankee Group evaluates contact center efficiency and effectiveness between agents and customers, and highlights CRM's next step in contact centers.
Posted 29 Mar 2004
The speech platform enables advanced speech-recognition solutions to retrieve text information from Web sites and relay it back to customers in a voice solution over the phone.
Posted 25 Mar 2004
The new report works much like Gartner's Magic Quadrant with regard to leader positioning--the main difference is vendors in the MarketScope are scored individually, and not ranked against each other.
Posted 23 Mar 2004
The report, "IT Spending on Customer Knowledge Technologies: Healthy Increases Across Most Regions," states the compounded annual growth rate of customer-knowledge technology investments by financial services firms worldwide will be 6.2 percent from 2003 to 2008.
Posted 18 Mar 2004
The study shows the average increase of companies bolstering their marketing efforts is 10.8 percent.
Posted 11 Mar 2004
The deal, announced late December 2003, delivers a hosted-CRM solution to compete with the likes of Salesforce.com, NetSuite, and Siebel Systems.
Posted 09 Mar 2004
The acquisition would further what analysts say is a trend toward melding the marketing automation side with the marketing operations side.
Posted 04 Mar 2004
The pairing integrates White Pajama's contact center and telephony functionality with Salesforce.com's on-demand CRM services.
Posted 02 Mar 2004
Gartner estimates that spending on CRM services in North American will increase at a compounded annual growth rate of 8.4 percent from 2001, reaching roughly $22 billion in 2006.
Posted 01 Mar 2004 [March 2004 Issue]
There are two kinds of human needs: extrinsic and intrinsic. Extrinsic needs are things like money and incentive programs, but what many organizations lack is the ability to satisfy an agent's intrinsic need, such as appreciation.
Posted 26 Feb 2004
Gartner estimates that Best Software has amassed 25 percent of the worldwide CRM market in the small business space, besting companies like FrontRange and Salesforce.com, which are vying for the same space.
Posted 24 Feb 2004
Organizations are shifting their investments from internal applications to outward-facing applications.
Posted 19 Feb 2004
A new Yankee Group report, "Hosted Speech Applications are Poised for Growth, Increasing Competition and Volatility," focuses on qualitative trends in voice self-service.
Posted 17 Feb 2004
The results of a recent Strativity Group study paint a grim picture of customer understanding on behalf of executives at large, global companies.
Posted 12 Feb 2004
Forrester BPM TechRankings '04: The research firm reevaluates the top pure-play BPM vendors' products, separating process analysis capabilities and human workflow capabilities.
Posted 10 Feb 2004
The consulting company released its latest report on how VoIP technology can be leveraged in contact and customer service operations.
Posted 05 Feb 2004
Nuance has released its Nuance 8.5 and Nuance Verifier 3.5, respectively.
Posted 03 Feb 2004
Low labor costs are spurring more and more companies to consider outsourcing their contact centers to service providers in offshore and nearshore locations.
Posted 02 Feb 2004 [February 2004 Issue]
What the costs to corporate America are to defend against DNC legislation is as yet unknown, but some companies have started to try new outbound customer campaigns.
Posted 02 Feb 2004 [February 2004 Issue]
Dollar Rent A Car's top brass wanted more productivity and efficiency enhancements.
Posted 02 Feb 2004 [February 2004 Issue]
The combination of Nextel's wireless service and mobile devices with Salesforce.com's on-demand model will help mobile sales reps access their critical customer and deal information any time, anywhere.
Posted 29 Jan 2004
Driving global initiatives are increased efforts in follow-the-sun strategies and the ability to generate a local presence in many geographical areas.
Posted 27 Jan 2004
Datamonitor's "IT Services Contract Tracker" reveals the number of deals worldwide with a value greater than $100 million increased 49 percent to 244.
Posted 22 Jan 2004
Acquiring Ineto enables Siebel to get 100 percent of the CRM business from existing clients, and opens up more opportunities for Siebel in the small- and midsize business market.
Posted 20 Jan 2004
The research firm aims to help BPO service providers identify BPO trends for companies within five vertical industries.
Posted 15 Jan 2004
ScanSoft announced it has acquired Montreal's LocusDialog, a developer of speech-enabled, auto-attendant applications and call routing solutions, to further ScanSoft's efforts to bring more speech applications to the market.
Posted 13 Jan 2004
Business Objects joins the ranks of Teradata and SAS Institute, first tier BI vendors providing enterprise reporting, ad hoc query and analysis, enterprise performance management, data integration, and analytic applications.
Posted 08 Jan 2004
The deal, which was announced yesterday, brings a total of 4,200 agents under the ClientLogic roof.
Posted 06 Jan 2004
A customer-centric enterprise uses business strategies throughout the organization to best serve customers.
Posted 02 Jan 2004 [January 2004 Issue]
By automating access to specific information Armstrong Floor Products decreased customer hold times, reduced customer call durations by 50 percent, and improved call completion rates by 123 percent.
Posted 02 Jan 2004 [January 2004 Issue]
Technology companies contribute to disaster-relief efforts.
Posted 02 Jan 2004 [January 2004 Issue]
The report focuses on whether a hosted-CRM solution is tenable for companies.
Posted 23 Dec 2003
According to a recent "Delivery Trends Report" from EmailLabs, Tuesday is the best day to send an email campaign, with Wednesday being the top day for recipients to open emails.
Posted 18 Dec 2003
It positions KANA customers to capitalize on the growing BPO trend, enabling companies to benefit from low-cost labor available in offshore regions like India and the Philippines. Email responses can be conducted offshore and managed in the United States, using KANA IQ to look for customer-specific information.
Posted 16 Dec 2003
The book contains white papers, case studies, and customer profiles highlighting input from academics, analysts, consultants, end users, and solution providers.
Posted 11 Dec 2003
NetSuite is taking a slightly different approach to customization than Salesforce.com by requiring code changes to be done inside the NetSuite application using JavaScript.
Posted 09 Dec 2003
The new version provides integration with SpeechWorks' Suite of network speech solutions from ScanSoft, including ScanSoft's OpenSpeech Recognizer 2.0 speech recognition software and Speechify 3.0 text-to-speech software.
Posted 04 Dec 2003
The automated voice solutions industry has been surging since the late 1990s, with North America leading the way in sales.
Posted 02 Dec 2003
Aberdeen Group surveyed 380 executives earlier this year, asking them to identify their technology investment priorities for contact centers over the next 18 months. The most surprising takeaway is that 45 percent maintained that the contact center was a "critical" part of their company's product and customer strategy.
Posted 01 Dec 2003 [December 2003 Issue]
At least that's what Industry experts were saying at the recent SpeechTEK Exposition and Educational Conference.
Posted 01 Dec 2003 [December 2003 Issue]
Nissan Motor Acceptance Corp. needed to gain a better understanding of agent performance levels to provide faster and better quality service.
Posted 01 Dec 2003 [December 2003 Issue]
If all goes according to plan, on November 24 the FCC's wireless number--portability (WNP) legislation will go into effect.
Posted 25 Nov 2003
Several large companies have already started an exodus from the United States to Canada, including Marriott, UPS, AOL, and IBM.
Posted 25 Nov 2003 [November 2004 Issue]
Companies experimenting with BPO complain of inflexible contracts, difficulty managing vendors, and a lack of performance metrics; ICICI OneSource announced its intention to acquire FirstRing; and automated speech recognition solutions are growing in popularity as their accuracy improves.
Posted 25 Nov 2003 [November 2004 Issue]
The increase in government e-procurement spending is largely due to the popularity of what is known as reverse funding.
Posted 20 Nov 2003
Reservoir Partners' report, "Do Not Call--An Executive Risk Assessment," shows mounting concern over DNC legislation, and a recent Jupiter Research survey found that permission-based email marketers are not as concerned by Do Not Spam legislation.
Posted 18 Nov 2003
If approved, the deal would yield a combined entity with 2,600 customers and combined annual revenue of $110 million, besting other pure-play CRM vendors in size such as E.piphany, Chordiant, and KANA.
Posted 12 Nov 2003
Automating business processes can be the biggest challenge for Comergent's mostly manufacturer and distribution customers--that's why Comergent is offering new functionality and enhancements across the order transaction lifecycle.
Posted 11 Nov 2003
Nearly 40 percent of online users plan to do some or all of their holiday shopping online in 2003.
Posted 06 Nov 2003
Based on figures from Britain's National Statistics Office, unsuccessful phone connections costs British businesses nearly L83 million ($139.1 million) a day, or L22 billion ($36.87 billion) in a working year.
Posted 04 Nov 2003
Hundreds of thousands of customers visit the support portal, which has deflected a significant portion of calls from Charter's contact center.
Posted 03 Nov 2003 [November 2003 Issue]
The number-three local phone company (behind Verizon and SBC Communications) is targeting small and midsize business (SMB) customers with its latest offering.
Posted 30 Oct 2003
According to the study, 90 percent of customers say they are at least satisfied with their retailers, but less than 50 percent can be considered truly loyal.
Posted 28 Oct 2003
Akibia will still have local consultants working at clients' sites, focusing on project management, organizational alignment, business processes, technical architecture, change management, and training.
Posted 23 Oct 2003
SupportSoft yesterday started shipping its real-time service management software platform, which enables organizations to avoid or resolve technology-related problems.
Posted 21 Oct 2003
The victory marks a big win for Blue Pumpkin, as the lawsuit threatened the very core of its skills-based routing business.
Posted 16 Oct 2003
Siemens Information and Communication Networks is integrating its HiPath ProCenter Suites' real-time contact center capabilities with Microsoft Business Solutions CRM.
Posted 14 Oct 2003
If there is one silver bullet that can help companies be more successful, it's humor--there are humor strategies companies can use to bring a little levity into the workplace.
Posted 09 Oct 2003
According to a recent online survey by ITtoolbox, 36 percent of survey participants stated the top strategic reason for outsourcing was the lure of cost-savings, whereas 15 percent cited special skills and/or services as the top reason.
Posted 07 Oct 2003
Speech technology vendors showed their wares during the ninth Annual SpeechTEK Exposition and Educational Conference in New York City this week.
Posted 02 Oct 2003
Time management, customer knowledge, Web self-help, knowledge management, and embracing opt-in automation are the keys to improving efficiency.
Posted 01 Oct 2003 [October 2003 Issue]
Pertinent information like name, address, and type of arthritis is used to create a Web form; this, plus the information gathered from the automated telephone system, is saved into one central database for a holistic view of an individual.
Posted 01 Oct 2003 [October 2003 Issue]
National Customer Service Week '03: The International Customer Service Association (ICSA) started commemorating the event in 1988.
Posted 01 Oct 2003 [October 2003 Issue]
Some analysts say the success of the Do-Not-Call registry will likely spawn additional Do-Not-Contact legislation.
Posted 01 Oct 2003 [October 2003 Issue]
According to the company, VoiceTone lets customers hold natural conversations with computer-based systems.
Posted 30 Sep 2003
The product has more than 200 enhancements, and includes the company's first outbound marketing product, RightNow Outbound.
Posted 23 Sep 2003
The sluggish telecommunications industry and poor-clarity issues facing voiceover IP have traditionally plagued the industry, but the fact that a sizeable company with $338 million in revenue is investing in the nascent technology may be just what the VoIP industry needs to kick it into high gear.
Posted 22 Sep 2003
NetLedger today announced it is changing its corporate name to NetSuite Inc.
Posted 18 Sep 2003
Aprimo focuses on four states of marketing expenditure, including budget, forecasted expense, committed expense, and actual expense.
Posted 16 Sep 2003
European call center spending among financial services organizations grew 130 percent since 1998--a large chunk of that came from U.S. companies moving operations overseas and outsourcing back-office operations.
Posted 11 Sep 2003
To make up for lost revenue opportunities associated with DNC compliance, Siebel is encouraging customers to capitalize on inbound service calls by turning them into sales calls.
Posted 09 Sep 2003
Symon aims to integrate its real-time communication solutions with TargetVision's visual communication products.
Posted 04 Sep 2003
The research firm surveyed 82 senior business and IT executives and found that companies experimenting with BPO complain of inflexible contracts, difficulty managing vendors, and a lack of performance metrics.
Posted 02 Sep 2003
Dr. Michael Treacy, chief strategist and cofounder of GEN3 Partners, advised attendees to beware of the "twin diseases of IT," which he identified as the enterprise disease and the process disease.
Posted 28 Aug 2003
Small to midsize contact centers were the clear winners at this week's International Call Center Management (ICCM) Conference and Expo.
Posted 28 Aug 2003
CRM magazine scrutinized CRM suite vendors and related categories to uncover the top-five leaders in each category: enterprise CRM, mid-market CRM, analytics, contact center outsourcers, and consulting firms. The results are based on a combination of weighted criteria, including revenue and revenue growth (last four completed quarters, ended March 30, 2003), market share, customer wins, and reputation for customer satisfaction.
Posted 27 Aug 2003 [September 2003 Issue]
CRM magazine scrutinized CRM suite vendors and related categories to uncover the top-five leaders in each category: enterprise CRM, mid-market CRM, analytics, contact center outsourcers, and consulting firms. The results are based on a combination of weighted criteria, including revenue and revenue growth (last four completed quarters, ended March 30, 2003), market share, customer wins, and reputation for customer satisfaction.
Posted 27 Aug 2003 [September 2003 Issue]
Envision introduces a workforce management tool; Verint's ULTRA Express leverages every customer contact to optimize call centers' processes; and Aspect Iphinity Call Center and Aspect Iphinity Workforce Management (WFM) are designed to bring enterprise level functionality to SME contact centers.
Posted 26 Aug 2003
Two reports released today reveal the growing interest in CRM among pharmaceutical companies.
Posted 21 Aug 2003
A report by consulting firm Reservoir Partners examines how organizations still need to be proactive with customer communications.
Posted 19 Aug 2003
The report states that outsourced call center agent positions in Canada are expected to rise 52 percent by 2007.
Posted 14 Aug 2003
The report maintains that this year, participating IT services providers expect to sell 26 percent of their services via other IT services providers.
Posted 12 Aug 2003
Expanding the capabilities of its FootPrints Web-based service desk software, UniPress Software yesterday made available live eSupport tools from Atinav.
Posted 07 Aug 2003
edocs launches Focused Solutions, software for financial services firms that consists of three components: e-Statements for Banking, Customer Self-Service for Credit Cards, and e-Billing for Insurance.
Posted 05 Aug 2003
Take the following advice on how to overcome these six barriers, and keep your organization from being among those that have squandered their CRM investments.
Posted 01 Aug 2003 [August 2003 Issue]
Everything from phased deployments to optimizing business processes to implementing self-service to the rise in hosted solutions is being spurred by companies' desire to cut costs.
Posted 01 Aug 2003 [August 2003 Issue]
When it comes to communication devices, people simply prefer using the phone.
Posted 01 Aug 2003 [August 2003 Issue]
Posted 01 Aug 2003 [August 2003 Issue]
Skechers cut its email queries in half, to 4,500 each month, and can capture more customer information for marketing purposes--all now done with one tenth the old staff size.
Posted 01 Aug 2003 [August 2003 Issue]
The combined company, which will be branded under ICICI OneSource's name, will have more than 3,500 employees and 2,000 seats in four call centers in Mumbai and Bangalore, India.
Posted 31 Jul 2003
The ERP functionality will link to NetLedger's Web hosted e-commerce capabilities to provide customer, vendor, and partner views of the business transactions.
Posted 29 Jul 2003
META analysts' various sources for generating vendor ratings include vendor surveys, customer references, META research data, and the analysts' collective experience in covering the ChRM market.
Posted 24 Jul 2003
According to a recent study, 32 percent of the typical workweek is spent helping others resolve questions.
Posted 22 Jul 2003
Kanisa5 is designed to improve agent productivity and reduce incident volume by incorporating various features like one-click CRM-data access, self-learning guided-search capabilities, and collaboration capabilities that help agents digitally connect to experts via a digital chat forum.
Posted 17 Jul 2003
Using natural language capabilities, the Banter Server, which will be preintegrated with KANA Response, can understand the intent of customers' emails and provide a suggested response for agents.
Posted 15 Jul 2003
Zeacom's screen pop capabilities can cut as many as 12 seconds from of each call, according to Zeacom CEO Miles Valentine.
Posted 10 Jul 2003
According to Meta Group's new poll, 75 percent of the organizations queried will spend the same or more on CRM in the next 12 months. The remaining 25 percent is expecting to spend less.
Posted 08 Jul 2003
Lawson Software yesterday introduced its Retail Comp Store Metrics Data Mart and Store Operations to improve store level profitability.
Posted 03 Jul 2003
Roughly 85 percent of the registrations occurred online (primarily at www.donotcall.gov).
Posted 01 Jul 2003
While the performance optimization market is still relatively new, the melding of workflow automation, training, workforce management, and workforce optimization solutions is starting to provide a soup-to-nuts means of identifying and improving agent performance levels.
Posted 01 Jul 2003 [July 2003 Issue]
If enough employees are not happy with their plan, they can complain to their employer, which might prompt the employer to drop the financial services company for another one.
Posted 01 Jul 2003 [July 2003 Issue]
It's a product that's designed to help its customers shave seconds off calls, but the way DirectQuest works has led to both benefits and controversy.
Posted 01 Jul 2003 [July 2003 Issue]
Intentia yesterday announced its migration path for J.D. Edwards to Intentia's Movex Collaboration applications.
Posted 26 Jun 2003
The upgrades represent what CEO Marc Benioff says is Salesforce.com's most significant release since launching its hosted CRM product in June 2000.
Posted 24 Jun 2003
A survey released today by marketing consulting firm Aelera polled 146 marketing and IT professionals online to determine the effects of bringing IT in on marketing projects.
Posted 19 Jun 2003
The mySAP CRM 4.0 upgrade was introduced at SAPPHIRE '03, SAP's annual international customer conference in Orlando, FL.
Posted 17 Jun 2003
PeopleSoft's board of directors unanimously decided that the offer to buy PeopleSoft's outstanding shares of stock for $16 per share would be met with lengthy antitrust scrutiny.
Posted 12 Jun 2003
Chordiant 5.5 provides real-time and wireless capabilities, and easier ways to manage business process changes.
Posted 10 Jun 2003
If the deal goes through, some analysts say PeopleSoft's roughly 5,000 customers would benefit from a smoother migration path.
Posted 06 Jun 2003
Convergys has been working since the beginning of the year with Benchmark Portal to create the Customer Experience Benchmark (CEB)
Posted 05 Jun 2003
Today Salesforce.com introduced sforce, an online application-development utility to enable companies to build business applications within the hosted software delivery model.
Posted 03 Jun 2003
FSC executives were so pleased with its first CRM project that they happily took on a second. But delivering access across the enterprise proved to be a challenging workflow problem.
Posted 02 Jun 2003 [June 2003 Issue]
Posted 02 Jun 2003 [June 2003 Issue]
Posted 02 Jun 2003 [June 2003 Issue]
Labor of Love
Posted 01 Jun 2003 [June 2003 Issue]
Using prebuilt accounting adapters Salesforce.com customers have the option to integrate with Intuit QuickBooks or Microsoft Business Solutions-Great Plains accounting software.
Posted 29 May 2003
SoundBite 4.0 uses interactive voice messaging in place of customer service reps.
Posted 27 May 2003
The solution is designed to reduce call handling times, increase the quality of customer interactions, monitor individual agent performance, analyze call-handling trends, and enable all calls and interactions to be recorded and made instantly searchable.
Posted 22 May 2003
Predictive Web Analytics merges SPSS's data mining and predictive modeling solution, Clementine 7.0, with the NetGenesis 6.0 Web analytics platform.
Posted 20 May 2003
Nearly 1.2 million agent positions in the region, 150,000 (12 percent) are currently outsourced to a third party within EMEA. Datamonitor predicts this number will have almost doubled to 290,000 by 2007.
Posted 15 May 2003
The upgrades are designed to increase calculation speeds and automate modeling and distribution analysis.
Posted 13 May 2003
Envision Telephony and Utopy partnered today to use speech recognition and analytics tools to get a better understanding of agent performance and how it relates to customer satisfaction and loyalty.
Posted 08 May 2003
ClientLogic and Siebel have agreed to implement a rolling payment plan for customers, enabling them to absorb the blow of large CRM implementations over time.
Posted 06 May 2003
According to Forrester Research's Paul Hamerman, although Oracle had a late start out of the gate--falling behind Microsoft, Siebel Systems, PeopleSoft, and others with CRM mid-market initiatives--there is still plenty of room for Oracle.
Posted 02 May 2003
Posted 01 May 2003 [May 2003 Issue]
Posted 01 May 2003 [May 2003 Issue]
Posted 01 May 2003 [May 2003 Issue]
The Nice Feedback can route callers automatically, obviating the need for agent involvement. Additionally, callers can choose to have their voice complaint tape recorded, which can then be automatically linked to the survey results to gain greater insight.
Posted 28 Apr 2003
Witness Systems today announced the completion of its acquisition of Eyretel, a U.K. provider of high-volume recording solutions.
Posted 23 Apr 2003
Predictive analytics developer SPSS has made available the latest version of its enterprise Web analytics solution, NetGenesis 6.0, which marks SPSS's first platform upgrade since acquiring NetGenesis during the fourth quarter of 2001.
Posted 18 Apr 2003
After acquiring Baan in August 2000, Invensys is looking to sell the much stronger business unit.
Posted 16 Apr 2003
According to 48 percent of the respondents, the biggest challenges are understanding new technologies and ways to integrate them.
Posted 09 Apr 2003
MetaGroup highlights the 19 leading companies in business intelligence in a recent report. The four leaders--Cognos, Business Objects, SAS, and SAP AG--were selected because of their robust product line and financial strength in the market.
Posted 04 Apr 2003
CRM is turning call centers into profit centers.
Posted 01 Apr 2003 [April 2003 Issue]
Posted 01 Apr 2003
Posted 01 Apr 2003 [April 2003 Issue]
Without a predefined set of mutually agreed upon metrics for a CRM implementation, or any large-scale implementation for that matter, failure cannot be accurately measured.
Posted 31 Mar 2003
Technicians using OTIS can reply to customer questions via email text or with an embedded video stream that shows the end user how to resolve the problem.
Posted 24 Mar 2003
While SAP announces customer wins the water utilities sector, Orcom, an outsourcer of customer information systems (CIS) and billing services, has made available its first hosted service for water utilities.
Posted 17 Mar 2003
Organizations are using speech recognition technology to bridge the gap between speech and text.
Posted 12 Mar 2003
The news bodes well for Salesforce.com, which targets sales professionals for its products by providing them with a lower-cost alternative to large software implementations; also fueling sales at the company are some recent, large corporate-customer wins.
Posted 03 Mar 2003
In addition to the national Do Not Call registry, telemarketers are facing some heavy scrutiny from state public utility commissions (PUCs) and legislators for dead air and abandoned calls when calling consumers on the phone.
Posted 03 Mar 2003 [March 2003 Issue]
Posted 03 Mar 2003
Managing image files is a way to drive down costs and increase profitability at National Semiconductor Corp.
Posted 02 Mar 2003
Mid-market CRM vendors are partnering with consultants to get your business. Here are 10 tips to help you select the right consultant for your needs.
Posted 01 Mar 2003 [March 2003 Issue]
The goal is to help organizations graduate from descriptive analytics to prescriptive analytics; the difference is that descriptive analytics captures historical customer data, where as prescriptive analytics creates actionable analysis on the data captured.
Posted 25 Feb 2003
Magic Quadrant '03: The report puts leading service providers into four key areas (challengers, leaders, niche players, and visionaries), all measured against each other by their ability to execute.
Posted 18 Feb 2003
Rogers' message was for organizations to focus on individual customers based on the information customers provide.
Posted 12 Feb 2003
Salesforce.com today announced the availability of upgraded versions of its online service, including improved activity management tools, reporting enhancements, and marketing automation updates, among other updates.
Posted 10 Feb 2003
By using digital sound cards to transfer calls, the product can decrease call abandonment rates by reducing call transfer time without clicks or silences.
Posted 04 Feb 2003
Once thought of as a tool for small companies needing sales force automation, hosted CRM solutions have developed into a formidable competitor to packaged CRM applications for mid-market, and even large enterprises.
Posted 02 Feb 2003 [February 2003 Issue]
Posted 02 Feb 2003 [February 2003 Issue]
Posted 02 Feb 2003 [February 2003 Issue]
Posted 02 Feb 2003 [February 2003 Issue]
Without tools that measure effectiveness, an organization with several PR agencies cannot get an accurate view of their performance, ROI, or their ability to generate impressions in the marketplace. Cymfony's technology will be bundled into MediaMap's Web-based solution called Performa, which enables PR and corporate communications professionals to manage branding efforts and their effectiveness in the media.
Posted 30 Jan 2003
Analysts welcome the long-awaited announcement of Siebel's integration into an open standards platform.
Posted 28 Jan 2003
Call center agents can make or break a contact center.
Posted 27 Jan 2003
Forrester Research's acquisition of Giga is an attempt to expand Forrester's emerging technology coverage and reach. Current Analysis Inc.'s acquisition of ARS Inc. combines the daily intelligence collection methodologies of ARS and the change-driven analytical model of Current Analysis.
Posted 22 Jan 2003
A glance at some of the top news around the industry this week.
Posted 17 Jan 2003
All SAP solutions to run on enterprise services architecture.
Posted 16 Jan 2003
One of the issues the TSR aims to change is predictive-dialer call-abandonment rates, or the percentage of calls for which no representative is available to answer the call after a connection is made.
Posted 15 Jan 2003
Contrary to the speed-to-resolution factor associated with call center agents and their ability to quickly answer customer queries, customers are spending more time on the Web because the tools they are using to find their answers are working.
Posted 08 Jan 2003
Posted 02 Jan 2003 [January 2003 Issue]
Posted 02 Jan 2003 [January 2003 Issue]
Users can drill down for more granularity, as they can click on any chart or graph to home in on specific data.
Posted 30 Dec 2002
CRM magazine interviewed more than 30 industry leaders and surveyed about 100 readers to uncover what they expect to and predict will happen in the industry in the coming year.
Posted 26 Dec 2002 [January 2003 Issue]
CRM magazine interviewed more than 30 industry leaders and surveyed about 100 readers to uncover what they expect to and predict will happen in the industry in the coming year.
Posted 24 Dec 2002 [January 2003 Issue]
According to a recent survey conducted by InsightExpress LLC, out of 500 American consumers who responded, 56 percent participate in loyalty or affiliate programs.
Posted 24 Dec 2002
A customer ownership scuffle between Salesforce.com Inc. and NetLedger Inc. is proving that one of the benefits of the CRM hosting model is true: Dissatisfied customers can sometimes easily switch from one CRM vendor to another.
Posted 20 Dec 2002
Osborne Clarke breaks down its information silos.
Posted 16 Dec 2002 [December 2002 Issue]
Some companies are finding that industry newcomer NetLedger's integration of back- and front-office data will give them a holistic view that Salesforce.com's front-office only system can't match.
Posted 13 Dec 2002
To improve relationships with and increase profits from the channel companies must treat those partners as well as they would their customers.
Posted 13 Dec 2002 [December 2002 Issue]
A portal solution bundled with Big Blue's hardware and software gives SMBs information to improve productivity and reduce costs
Posted 09 Dec 2002
The new release, which will be available on December 11, 2002, as a stand-alone component of the Enterprise Performance Management suite, can be used with PeopleSoft's Enterprise Portal.
Posted 02 Dec 2002
The new release, which will be available on December 11, 2002, as a stand-alone component of the Enterprise Performance Management suite, can be used with PeopleSoft's Enterprise Portal.
Posted 02 Dec 2002
Siebel Systems Inc. has appointed USinternetworking as a Premier Platform Partner in the Siebel Partner Alliance.
Posted 26 Nov 2002
Data cleansing companies like QAS Limited say it is not too late to clean data.
Posted 25 Nov 2002
SAS Institute Inc. has acquired assets of Verbind Technology for real-time customer behavior tracking capabilities.
Posted 20 Nov 2002
Salesforce.com's first formal wireless solution, dubbed Airforce Wireless Edition, enables sales teams to access and edit real-time, up-to-the-minute customer information in Saleforce.com via their wireless devices.
Posted 13 Nov 2002
An overview of this week's earnings and M&A activity in the CRM industry.
Posted 08 Nov 2002
Interwoven Inc. launched its Interwoven Solution for Media Asset Management (MAM) last week at its third annual Interwoven user conference, GearUp 2002, in San Francisco.
Posted 04 Nov 2002
The New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development's contact center is turning heads--including Mayor Bloomberg's.
Posted 01 Nov 2002 [November 2002 Issue]
Sybase announced yesterday at a customer luncheon in New York that it aims to improve the flow, speed, and quality of data to employees is through its latest portal solution, called Enterprise Portal (EP) 5.0.
Posted 30 Oct 2002
Despite the economic downturn, SAS is able to navigate its way through difficult waters. How it was able to do so was one of the main takeaways at its SAS Executive Conference, an event for customers and prospects held at the Four Seasons Hotel in Las Vegas.
Posted 27 Oct 2002
Scott McNealy, chairman, CEO, and president of Sun Microsystems Inc., says that IBM and Microsoft are part of the integration problem, not the solution.
Posted 24 Oct 2002
Federal, state, and local governments have discovered the benefits of CRM and are using it to interact with and serve their constituencies.
Posted 22 Oct 2002 [October 2002 Issue]
Steve Carpenter had barely warmed the president seat at the Baan CRM business unit before a new president was appointed the top spot last week. Ed Daihl, a three-year Baan veteran, who is also president of the Baan Supply Chain Management business unit, is taking hold of the CRM reigns effective immediately. Carpenter is bumped up to Baan Enterprises.
Posted 21 Oct 2002
Certain sectors within CRM are showing signs of steady strength.
Posted 15 Oct 2002
The customer self-help solution aims to increase customer satisfaction and reduce contact center interactions.
Posted 14 Oct 2002
NetLedger unveiled the latest member of its family of hosted solutions for low-end mid-market companies.
Posted 14 Oct 2002
Retailers are wincing at their latest disappointing sales figures for the month of September, requiring many to take a closer look at their CRM initiatives.
Posted 10 Oct 2002
Only six months after the release of Affinium 4 in April, Unica Corp. announced the coming of Affinium 5, slated for general availability in December.
Posted 08 Oct 2002
FrontRange Solutions today announced the availability of HEAT Service & Support 7.0.
Posted 07 Oct 2002
Pivotal Corp. announced its intention to acquire MarketFirst Software Inc. today to win more customers looking for a marketing automation solution.
Posted 03 Oct 2002
Automated voice messaging for sales, marketing, and customer service campaigns do not have to be so impersonal.
Posted 01 Oct 2002
The connection between HR and CRM applications is getting stronger, thanks to the announcement of PeopleSoft HelpDesk for Human Resources.
Posted 30 Sep 2002
Oracle's focus on business flows garners the company top spots on Forrester ranking
Posted 24 Sep 2002
Financial institutions are leaning more on technology to field customer inquiries
Posted 19 Sep 2002
The enterprise CRM suite landscape is changing, led largerly by efforts in integration.
Posted 12 Sep 2002 [September 2002 Issue]
Company leverages established Oracle Small Business Suite customer-base to compete in the CRM hosting market
Posted 10 Sep 2002
Siebel's highly anticipated UAN aims to facilitate CRM with back-office applications
Posted 09 Sep 2002
Chordiant joins the ranks of Siebel, PeopleSoft, and SAP by becoming an IBM Strategic Alliance partner
Posted 05 Sep 2002
Mid-market companies show their wares at DCI
Posted 30 Aug 2002
Electronic documents meet physical world; sales proposals at click speed; the RFP machine
Posted 27 Aug 2002
Despite an industry-wide sales slump, Baan presses on with 'pretty good' sales for the first half
Posted 23 Aug 2002
MediaMap identifies corporate communications as an untapped CRM market
Posted 21 Aug 2002
New mobile solution enables disconnected users to remain productive
Posted 16 Aug 2002
Inforte offers advice on how to tackle front and back-office integration woes
Posted 13 Aug 2002
Datamonitor: Global enterprise investment in mobile field service to hit $220M this year
Posted 08 Aug 2002
Solution aims to keep better tabs on multi-tier channels to improve revenue and cut costs before and after the sale
Posted 05 Aug 2002
Two applications join to provide a closed-loop solution for evaluating employee skills and providing customized training
Posted 02 Aug 2002
Are your call center costs bursting at the seams? Here's how to trim down expenses while toning up service.
Posted 01 Aug 2002 [August 2002 Issue]
New software keeps employees and customers in lockstep; human interaction verses self-help; watching over workers
Posted 30 Jul 2002
CRM suite vendor joins forces with IBM Global Services
Posted 23 Jul 2002
Top CRM vendor reports losses and slashes 1,100 jobs; CEO sees little help through Q4
Posted 18 Jul 2002
Evolve delivers ROI calculator software through third-party partner program
Posted 16 Jul 2002
European CRM vendors will not meet analysts' expectations
Posted 12 Jul 2002
CRM analytics is branching out, moving beyond customer and profitability analysis, as evidenced by the recent non-exclusive partnership between PwC Consulting and PeopleSoft Inc.
Posted 09 Jul 2002
Onyx Software Corp. customers can breath a slight sigh of relief that the CRM vendor's long-term viability looks a bit better as the company said it expects to post better-than expected financial results for its second quarter.
Posted 05 Jul 2002
Proscape and InfoLogix join forces to provide mobile industries
Posted 01 Jul 2002
CRM implementations are not as disappointing as research firms claim.
Posted 01 Jul 2002 [July 2002 Issue]
Single-view. Real-time. Predictive. The variety of analytics applications can be overwhelming. Here are the key trends in analytics to help sort through the clutter.
Posted 01 Jul 2002 [July 2002 Issue]
After shutting down in May, Worldtrak is going again thanks to an acquisition of all its assets by two-month old Axonom Inc.
Posted 26 Jun 2002
When trying to win new technology customers, some might argue it is more difficult to meet their meticulous technology demands and therefore close the sale, but not Marc Benioff, chairman and chief executive of Salesforce.com. The CRM hosting company said it inked a deal with CompuCom Systems Inc., a Dallas-based technology consultant and systems integrator with over 300 application developers.
Posted 24 Jun 2002
PLM suite enables manufacturing companies to track configure-to-order process throughout the enterprise and across its supply chain
Posted 12 Jun 2002
At its SAPPHIRE 02 conference, held at the Orange County Convention Center, SAP's top brass pushed their focus on CRM and addressed industry challenges including the threat of Microsoft Corp. entering the market.
Posted 07 Jun 2002
ASPs have significantly increased their Web analytics market share in 2001, garnering 22 percent of the sector's revenue, up from 13 percent the previous year, the report states. "A Web Analytics system analyzes Web visitors' online behavior, enabling enterprises to optimize their Web site structure and content to improve customer loyalty, increase sales, and decrease support costs," the research company states.
Posted 04 Jun 2002
Consolidation is continuing. Here's how to protect your investments if your CRM vendor gets acquired.
Posted 01 Jun 2002 [June 2002 Issue]
ACCPAC eCRM 5.0 enables office and mobile users to have improved integration to back-office accounting functions through the eCRM interface. Reporting and analysis tools are 20 times faster than before, says Tom Crafton, vice president of eCRM for ACCPAC.
Posted 30 May 2002
As return on investment is becoming more of a concern for C-level executives and marketers, CRM vendors are forced to prove their worth. That is why Salesforce.com upgraded its online CRM product to enable marketing departments to automatically calculate ROI for each marketing campaign.
Posted 28 May 2002
Just one day after J.D.Edwards made available J.D.Edwards 5, the company breathed some more life into the CRM industry by posting better-than-expected quarterly results and forecasted strong software sales in the current quarter.
Posted 23 May 2002
Adding to its list of nearly 1,300 customers, Kana Software Inc. signed on German direct marketing-service company Bertelsmann Marketing Service to deploy Kana's Response software for email management throughout 13 call centers worldwide helping over 11,000 agents.
Posted 21 May 2002
While the company is selling its Enterprise Edition, it's selling it to the larger end of its SMB client-base - an area the company has enjoyed phenomenal success, garnering nearly 1,200 new customers in the last three months alone to total nearly 4,500 customers today.
Posted 20 May 2002
Deloitte Consulting expanded its alliance with SAP AG to jointly deliver mySAP CRM solutions for Fortune 1000 and enterprise companies. Deloitte Consulting adds SAP to its list of other CRM vendors that it services including E.piphany, PeopleSoft, and Siebel.
Posted 16 May 2002
In a recent report from New York-based research firm, Datamonitor, called "Great Expectations But Not-So-Great Implementation: CRM in the Pharmaceutical Industry," the firm states "44 percent of pharmaceutical CRM projects either fail to meet implementation timescales or result in total project failure, a trend that is set to continue." The report cites organizational resistance and cost as the greatest barriers to successful CRM implementation.
Posted 14 May 2002
Analyst: Pavement-pounding salespeople remain skeptical about CRM
Posted 08 May 2002
Keeping in line with other CRM players, Onyx this week unveiled a steep drop in software sales for its first quarter due to weak corporate demand for software.
Posted 02 May 2002
Why one call center operator is pitching its customers on another vendor's offering.
Posted 01 May 2002 [May 2002 Issue]
Posted 30 Apr 2002
Posted 24 Apr 2002
Announcing customer wins proves your organization is good at making promises; announcing customer successes proves it's good at keeping promises.
Posted 18 Apr 2002
The U.S. Government turns to data management firms to keep tabs on terrorists.
Posted 12 Apr 2002 [April 2002 Issue]
Joe Auto uses CRM to polish the image of the automotive repair business.
Posted 12 Apr 2002 [April 2002 Issue]
Posted 09 Apr 2002
Posted 04 Apr 2002
The software maker warns it will not meet first-quarter expectations.
Posted 02 Apr 2002
Posted 28 Mar 2002
Posted 25 Mar 2002
Posted 18 Mar 2002
Posted 14 Mar 2002
Posted 13 Mar 2002
Posted 12 Mar 2002
Wireless location services enable retailers to add tourists and mobile business professionals to their customer base.
Posted 06 Mar 2002
Posted 04 Mar 2002
Posted 28 Feb 2002
Posted 26 Feb 2002
Posted 22 Feb 2002
Posted 20 Feb 2002
Posted 13 Feb 2002
Posted 07 Feb 2002
Posted 05 Feb 2002
Who says the ASP model is dead? With CRM implementations becoming more comprehensive and the economy more dubious, some companies are turning to CRM-specific hosting providers as an alternative to the costly and time-consuming task of managing and maintaining CRM data in-house.
Posted 04 Feb 2002 [February 2002 Issue]
FIS turns to Silvon to keep up with the season's soup demand.
Posted 04 Feb 2002 [February 2002 Issue]
Posted 01 Feb 2002
Software tools help identify terrorist suspects.
Posted 30 Jan 2002
Posted 25 Jan 2002
Posted 21 Jan 2002
Posted 11 Jan 2002
Oracle, PeopleSoft, and SAP are no-shows to the event.
Posted 18 Dec 2001
Company executives tout enterprise service automation as the new CRM.
Posted 01 Nov 2001
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