• February 2, 2003
  • By David Myron, Editorial Director, CRM and Speech Technology magazines and SmartCustomerService.com

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Imagine the benefits of contacting four times as many customers per day than you do now. Eckerd Health Services, a leader in prescription benefit management has realized those benefits. Eckerd's mail-service pharmacy, Express Pharmacy Services, fills approximately 200,000 prescriptions weekly. Effective communication is essential to keep up with prescription fulfillment and customer inquiries. Yet, Eckerd agents were manually looking up phone numbers and dialing customers and their doctors--a cumbersome process. Eckerd turned to Divine for its Customer Interaction Management solution, which includes a predictive dialer. Eckerd was told to expect a 200 percent increase in productivity. Company executives budgeted for half that. To their surprise the results surpassed the projected ROI. Agents now spend 75 percent of their time talking to patients, compared to 25 percent prior to Divine. ADT Security Services was overwhelmed with about 1,500 inquires per day from customers worldwide to its customer contact center in Singapore. To get the call volume under control ADT, which provides 24-hour monitoring and alert response, selected Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories Inc., for its Enterprise Routing and Outbound Contact solutions. ADT is using the software to improve monitoring response times and increase agent productivity, enabling the company to deploy manpower in the event of emergencies. Genesys enables ADT to identify and precisely route customer interactions based on ADT's own unique business criteria, such as customer segment or value. It uses customer data and interaction history to make more efficient routing decisions while enhancing the customer's interaction experience by delivering relevant customer information to agents' desktops in real time. This enables ADT Security Services Singapore to more effectively meet each customer's needs or engage them in upsell or cross-sell opportunities.
Purolator Courier Ltd. processes more than 5.5 million packages weekly. To improve customer response times when scheduling pickups and deliveries, tracing packages, and checking account status, last fall Purolator implemented Aspect Communications Corp.'s eWorkforce Management software at three networked contact centers handling 45,000 calls daily. Purolator's centers use Aspect to create, assign, and track adherence to work schedules for 400 customer sales and service representatives based on contact volume, service objectives ,and the reps' schedule preferences. The solution is expected to increase employee satisfaction by offering scheduling flexibility and to enable managers to predict critical staffing issues to avoid delays in response to customer inquiries. "We used to spend a lot of time creating manual schedules," says Pat Capparelli, senior vice president of sales and customer service at Purolator. "Now our reps have advanced notice of [their] shifts, and we can more easily make allowances for things like childcare and doctor appointments without compromising service."
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