Vungle Releases Dynamic Templates

Performance marketing platform Vungle—whose speciality is in-app video ads—today announced Dynamic Templates, a solution designed to improve the consumer ad experience by providing advertisers and publishers with a variety of unique ad templates. Additionally, the solution aims to drive higher conversions by delivering dynamic content to consumers.

Available for iOS and Android, the new ad templates are responsive to user choice—they can adapt to various operating systems, devices, and screen orientations. Moreover, ad content can be scaled and optimized across multiple templates in real time, with the goal of maximizing conversion rates.

"We're on a mission to deliver the highest-quality users for the advertisers we work with while also delivering a great user experience for the publishers who rely on us to monetize their apps," writes Zain Jaffer, CEO of Vungle, in an email. "Dynamic Templates helps us achieve both those goals. We give advertisers more templates to choose from and enhanced optimization, which drives LTV. For publishers, we are delivering amazing new ad experiences that their user base have never seen before."

Dynamic Templates also boasts several benefits for publishers. Increasing the variety of ads shown to consumers can boost revenue—with advertisers achieving higher conversion rates, publishers can earn more revenue for their available inventory. Furthermore, the solution enables publishers to display new Vungle templates without needing to update to the latest version of the platform's software development kit.

"Dynamic Templates are responsive in that they automatically align to the app and device to which they're delivered," Jaffer says. "The flexibility of Dynamic Templates is what advertisers and publishers love about them. Advertisers don't want their ads to look poorly on a user's device. It's a terrible brand experience and has no place in today's mobile world. Publishers, similarly, want to protect their experience. With Dynamic Templates, both sides of the equation benefit, and the partners who have already adopted it are seeing returns of 200-plus percent because of it."

Vungle intends to roll out new templates on an ongoing basis and anticipates that the platform will yield new partnership opportunities. The company's ads are used by more than 25,000 mobile apps worldwide, serving 2 billion video views per month on more than 560 million unique devices. The company's developer partners include Google, Honda, and Coca-Cola.

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