Criteo Launches Kinetic Design

Performance marketing provider Criteo today announced its new ad creation technology, Kinetic Design, which aims to deliver visually striking, on-brand real-time ads that are contextualized for each customer—without the need to define ad sizes and layouts beforehand.

Kinetic Design translates clients' brand aesthetics and ad requirements into a machine-based framework that crafts a visual presentation that can be deployed in multiple campaigns while preserving brand aesthetics. Furthermore, the solution has the ability to generate more than 17 trillion visual design variations, providing nearly endless options for personalization. This capability is coupled with a product recommendation feature that tailors ad content to consumers’ real-time shopping decisions, with the goal of improving ad performance.

Three core components make up the solution. The first of these is composer, which builds digital design frameworks for users based on personalized brand guidelines. Real-time creative optimization is the second component; visual designs are informed by consumer behavior, with the selection of relevant branded design elements based on real-time consumer insights. The third component is renderer, which eliminates ad size and layout restrictions. Ads are dynamically generated with optimized parameters, with the goal of enabling marketers to reach consumers instantly without design delays.

There are four steps in the Kinetic Design process: First, Criteo designers use clients’ brand guidelines to construct design frameworks that will be used throughout their campaigns; second, key brand elements are broken down into a pool of digital components for ease of use; third, the solution selects attributes from this digital pool that are best suited to specific consumer contexts; and finally, ads are rendered in real time, automatically adjusted to meet the size and layout requirements for each publisher.

 Patrick Wyatt, senior vice president, of product management at Criteo, said in a statement that the technology enables "granular personalization":

"Kinetic Design allows marketers to achieve a strong brand identity, while still seeing the unmatched performance on which we have built our reputation. The combination of exceptional content and granular personalization with new branding and design capabilities will allow marketers to execute impeccable campaigns."

Carla Greco, marketing executive at Made.com, a client, praised the solution in a statement:

"Criteo's creative technology, Kinetic Design, delivers our on-brand campaign messages while personalizing every ad-creative for every consumer wherever they are, creating a positive experience with our brand across every device."

Criteo offers a number of other solutions, including predictive search, dynamic retargeting, and dynamic email. The predictive search feature uses machine learning technology to drive greater sales and ROI from Google Shopping. Dynamic retargeting uses personalized ads to increase shopper conversions. Dynamic email works in tandem with clients' existing email solutions to find and engage shoppers that are slipping through the cracks.

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