Vungle Announces SDK for Fire Tablets

Vungle, a provider of a performance marketing platform for in-app video ads, today announced a software developer kit (SDK) for Amazon’s Fire tablets.

“In many ways we’re taking a bet that [Amazon is] going to continue to grow, which I think is a good bet, but also more broadly that they’ve developed an ecosystem of quality,” says Colin Behr, vice president of business development at Vungle. “If you look at the average value of an Amazon consumer using an Amazon tablet versus any other Android tablet, you tend to find that that user is going to be more valuable on average, they spend more money. In short, you not only have a platform that’s growing way faster than other platforms…but at the same time also a platform that’s built up more valuable users.”

Behr notes that the reach of platforms such as Fire can yield significant benefits for advertisers, saying that Vungle is “conscious of the fact that whatever the advertiser is spending with Vungle ultimately is only reflective of a very small part of the value that’s driven by having effective advertising technology on the [Fire] platform.”

“The ultimate value [that] gets generated by having an engaging solution on the Fire platform is driving far more value across the ecosystem than just the value of the revenue that flows through Vungle,” he adds.

The SDK for Amazon’s Fire tablets will be available in September. In February 2017, Vungle announced Vungle SDK 5.0, which allows users to configure multiple ad placements within their app experience. At the same time, the company released 10 more Dynamic Templates, its responsive ad templates, bringing the total to 15. In May 2017, it announced a collaboration with LINE Plus Corporation, a provider of chat messenger and video call solutions, which provides Vungle with easier access to mobile consumers in Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, and Thailand.

“Vungle really is acting as a growth engine in the performance marketing space within the app environment. If you think about the biggest problem for anybody who’s publishing an application—whether that be some kind of utility app or a game—[it] is really to get people using it and hopefully also spend money or be active within that application,” Behr says. “Video is a great way to acquire users because you can explain a lot more about the product so more people actually download it…You can think of Vungle as a growth engine for app developers, for app publishers who need to acquire users.” 

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