SteelHouse Releases Creative Suite for Digital Ads

Looking to help marketers create more captivating ads, advertising software company SteelHouse today announced its new Creative Suite solution, a creative library and an ad builder that integrates with both Getty Images and YouTube, enabling users to easily include pictures and video content in their ads.

Compatible with ad networks such as The Trade Desk, AppNexus, and DoubleClick, the Creative Suite also allows users to optimize and track campaign performance from within a single application. Additionally, the solution is built on a code-based HTML language that users can edit.

The Creative Suite's creative library and ad builder components both aim to accelerate the ad design process: The creative library features ready-to-use ad templates that users can customize, and the ad builder features drag-and-drop functionality that allows users to include messaging, buttons, scene animation, and countdown timers in their work without any coding.

"The creative library is the first part, and it's literally a library of creative that we've developed to help advertisers and marketers get a head start…organized by vertical or by business objective," says Patrizio Spagnoletto, CMO at SteelHouse. "[It offers] starting points of ads that we have created that give marketers something to work with. Once a marketer chooses a template, they can edit it, and that's where the ad builder comes in. When you go into the ad builder, the editing lets you basically do whatever you want with it—you can change not just the copy, obviously the call to action, you can change the background imagery and access the Getty library for free, you can access YouTube—if you want to have a video display, you can do that very seamlessly."

Creative Suite's integration with Getty Images and YouTube is a key feature. SteelHouse handles licensing costs for Getty Images' content, giving users free access to the Getty Images library; with YouTube, users have access to any video on the platform and can drag and drop clips directly into their ads. In the future, SteelHouse is looking to introduce access to a number of social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, and Twitter.

"The whole premise of the Creative Suite is to give advertisers access to what we're basically calling the contents around you. Today, a lot of that content—a lot of that imagery and those videos—lives on social channels," Spagnoletto says. "I can take an image or use an image that's on Instagram and repurpose it for my creative buildout. There are inputs and outputs—inputs meaning getting access to imagery where they live on these social channels, and output meaning being able to run those ads that you’ve created on those social channels. Once you've created an ad, very soon, through the Creative Suite, you'll be able to place those ads on channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram."

SteelHouse is a provider of software for brands, agencies, and direct marketers. The company's Advertising Suite solution, which assists in building campaigns for multiple channels across all devices, features segmentation capabilities that let users view audience data in real time; customization capabilities that add dynamic visuals; and analytics that provide reports on campaign performance.

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