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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) data and technology solutions are vital for healthcare companies seeking to create highly personalized experiences. There are two basic types of healthcare CRMs, one is for a healthcare organization to stay in contact with their patients, the other is for a healthcare organization to stay in contact with referring organizations.

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Customer Experience: Code Blue

There's more to patient care than what happens within a hospital's walls.

The Bright Future of the Internet of Things

Today's innovations are only the beginning.

Pull the Plug on Customer Care

Communication is good, overkill is not.

Customer Retention Starts with Listening

Whatever your profession, hearing what your customers say is crucial.

Are You Willing to Socialize With Your Customers?

Stop treating them like children and open a dialogue

CRM in ‘Pursuit of Shared Goals’

Responding in a way that is mutually beneficial to a company and its customers applies across the enterprise

Seeing Customers Clearly

Online eyewear retailer EyeBuyDirect.com brings its customer feedback into focus with Kampyle

Your Savings Are My Services

Think about what you're giving off when you're giving in to pressure.

Blue Cross Blue Shield--Rhode Island Improves its Bedside Manner

CRM united the company's information, which was had been housed in different systems.

A Healthy Dose of CRM

Annette Walker, senior vice president, strategy, Memorial Care Centers, tells how a little can data lead to an extra $7 million a year.