TeamSupport Spruces Up Screen Recording for Customer Support

TeamSupport.com, a provider of customer service software solutions, has announced an updated version of its screen recording feature, to simplify issue resolution for customers and support teams alike. According to Robert C. Johnson, TeamSupport's CEO, the updated tool no longer relies on a third-party solution outside the platform; the new, native solution allows for improved security, higher resolution, and quicker functionality than what was previously provided.

Available as part of a larger set of offerings, which includes access to shared screenshots and customer portals, the solution enables customers to record activity on their monitors to help explain the problems they're experiencing. Similarly, service agents can use the tool to demonstrate detailed procedures, rather than composing complicated playbooks that take a longer time to convey. The video can then be submitted as part of a larger customer ticket. Since customer data from TeamSupport.com can flow from or into a CRM system, the information is linked to a support case that can be accessed within environments such as Salesforce CRM,  Oracle, or Zoho CRM.

The release is reflective of TeamSupport's ongoing goal of catering to B2B technology manufacturers, a market that is underserved, Johnson says.  According to the CEO, this particular tool will be useful primarily to software providers. "We have customers from all walks of life, but a lot of them are technology [suppliers] that are supporting a piece of software," Johnson says. "[For them,] the ability to record and share the screen, either from the customer's or the agent's perspective, is an immensely helpful thing to be able to do."

 Johnson notes that TeamSupport's competitors have neglected these types of tools, and that TeamSupport is one of the few companies providing tools with such a comprehensive multimedia aide. "Now that Articulate Global is out [of the market], I believe that we are the only vendor providing [something like this]."

The improved screen recording function is embedded within TeamSupport's larger suite and available with no additional fees to customers who sign up for a subscription. Johnson notes that the product is better suited for medium- to large-sized companies. "Much of the functionality in TeamSupport lends itself to teams of 50 to 100," he says.

TeamSupport is "doing a lot of work on the video side," Johnson says, to meet the demands of customers. "We have a feature in beta that allows full motion video recording through a webcam." This feature was developed in response to customer requests for webcam capabilities to serve their top-tier customers, Johnson says. It could also be used by technology manufacturers whose products are not necessarily computer-based. A company that supplies lighting fixtures for rock concerts, for example, can use such a tool to show customers how to set up their equipment. 

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