Brainshark and Seismic Announce Partnership

Brainshark and Seismic today announced a partnership to develop an end-to-end sales enablement solution, one aimed at helping organizations improve the effectiveness of their sales teams. The new solution will combine Brainshark’s training, coaching, and content authoring features with Seismic’s sales content management and personalization capabilities.

The joint solution will provide a more efficient and effective experience for customers in three key ways, the companies say. First, it will enable the creation of dynamic and rich media sales content with the goal of helping sales reps better prepare for conversations, make progress on deals, and accelerate sales cycles. Second, it will aim to improve sales reps ability to master critical knowledge and skills with extensive training and coaching capabilities. And third, it will look to improve win rates by automatically recommending personalized, voice-enriched sales content to sales reps to engage the right person at the right time. Overall, the goal of the partnership is to empower salespeople by providing them with a single source for their training, coaching, and collateral needs.

Jim Ninivaggi, senior vice president of business development at Brainshark, says that the partnership allows both vendors to fill in parts of a puzzle they were only partially solving on their own. "For Brainshark, we were really focused on the sales talent optimization piece, helping with on-boarding, training, coaching, and content creation," Ninivaggi says. "For Seismic, it was more on the sales content management side, making sure that reps could easily find content, assemble that content, controlling that content so reps weren't sharing content that they shouldn't be sharing, and measuring the impact of content.

"Separately, I don't think either of us could say that we were truly a sales enablement platform because we weren't solving all the problems. But together, I think that we are definitely a sales enablement platform."

A solution that combines training and preparation with the content reps need in the course of selling leads to an experience that's "much more seamless and efficient," adds Jason Fidler, public relations manager at Seismic. "By combining the Brainshark expertise and the coaching and the talent management aspect of sales enablement with Seismic's work in asset management and the content that sellers need within meetings, it provides a much more efficient experience for sellers and one that ultimately helps them succeed in meetings with buyers," he says. "Both from the side of the content creators and the people that manage sales enablement and from the sellers, this partnership is going to be a boon for productivity and effectiveness across the board."

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