• February 28, 2018

Brainshark Updates Sales Training Solutions

Brainshark has added product capabilities and enhancements to its cloud-based sales enablement and readiness solutions, designed to strengthen and streamline sales learning.

Chief improvements include a new progress tracker for formal training that enables sales reps to monitor their learning paths. Brainshark has also enhanced its sales coaching solution, providing more flexibility both as reps complete coaching activities and reviewers evaluate them.

The Brainshark formal learning environment now has an updated user interface that includes the following:

  • A new training progress tracker that helps sales reps monitor their unique learning paths and track all activities, due dates, and next steps from a single, action-oriented visual display;
  • Learning path details, providing visual insight into where reps stand, what needs to be completed next, and where their training journey is taking them; and
  • To-dos, interactive buttons to help sellers navigate to what they need to learn next, what percentage of a curriculum they've already finished, and what assignments still need to be completed and click to access them; and
  • Certificates, allowing reps to click to view and download certificates they've earned.

"To improve sales readiness, your learning material needs to be engaging, accessible and intuitive," said Greg Flynn, Brainshark's CEO, in a statement. "These enhancements empower reps to gain even greater visibility into their learning paths, motivating them along their journeys. Brainshark eliminates any question about what's required of reps to be truly ready to have the types of conversations that win business."

Brainshark's coaching interface is debuting a new look as well. Updates to the sales coaching solution include the following:

  • Video submissions, where sellers submit videos of themselves for assessment (delivering presentations, handling objections, demoing new products, etc.) has been redesigned to provide a more streamlined user experience. Reps can drag-and-drop their video submissions for review and learn more about how they'll be scored by hovering over category descriptions.
  • Testing 1, 2, 3&hellip, New audio-level detection features let reps know if their microphones are off or too low when they start recording submissions within the coaching solution.
  • The coaching feedback page, where managers and other reviewers evaluate reps' video submissions, has been visually enhanced as well. Reviewers can play back submissions received at seven speeds, ranging from half-speed to twice as fast as normal.

Brainshark has also strengthened its integration with Salesforce.com Lightning. Salesforce administrators can now place Brainshark's content-in-context functionality anywhere within a Salesforce record page, giving reps instant access to the right content for each unique selling situation.

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