Brainshark Announces Integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Brainshark today announced an integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 that provides sales teams with instant access to Brainshark training, coaching, and content resources directly from within the Microsoft system. The integration aims to streamline access to sales resources, boost sales productivity, and provide visibility into the impact of sales readiness programs.

The integration enables sales teams to use Brainshark from within Dynamics 365 in five key ways:

  • Teams can quickly create multimedia content for sales on-boarding, just-in-time learning, and other uses.
  • Training content and curricula that aim to assist reps in mastering their messages and increasing sales effectiveness can be deployed.
  • Managers can deliver video-based sales coaching that includes features such as manager challenges, rep video responses, and manager and peer feedback.
  • Sales reps can be provided access to videos and assets related to training, coaching, and other initiatives, with the goal of improving sales readiness.
  • Finally, reps can draw upon real-time Brainshark viewing, training, and coaching analytics, with an eye on improving insight into sales program effectiveness.

"The main thing is ease of access—with salespeople, it's critical that they get access to those resources wherever they are," says Rachel Goldberg, senior director of product marketing at Brainshark. "With this new integration they can seamlessly gain access to their Brainshark materials without a second log-in, without having to find those materials; it's directly there within their Dynamics.

"It all starts with that high-impact content that can be used in both training and sales coaching to help improve the performance of the rep," she continues. "If we can do that directly in the CRM where they are every day, they're going to be more likely to use those resources and we'll see better effectiveness."

This integration is the latest collaboration between Brainshark and Microsoft. At the 2017 Microsoft Build conference, Brainshark launched Brainshark Labs, which uses Microsoft's Cognitive Services artificial intelligence and HoloLens technologies to improve sales coaching for B2Bs. Brainshark also released integration with Microsoft Outlook in 2016, enabling reps to easily email Brainshark sales content and sync that content with Salesforce.

"What we’re trying to do is use the latest technologies and how sales readiness is going to be looking in the future, and we see the Microsoft technologies making tomorrow’s innovations relevant for today," Goldberg says. "We've been able to incorporate that into our products and see some immediate benefits for our customers as well as start to envision some of what that future looks like. We've always been deeply imbedded with Microsoft; last year we had the Outlook [launch], we had the Labs launch last month, and now we’re excited to launch Dynamics."

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