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The 2012 Service Elite

Small Wonders: Tips for SMB Growth

As the startup failure rate grows, owners strive to boost revenue, maintain profitability, and acquire customers.

Market Leaders: Consultancies

Market Leaders: Incentive Management

Market Leaders: Sales Force Automation

The 2010 CRM Service Awards: The Service Elite -- Southwest Airlines

Thanks to Virtual Hold Technology, Southwest Airlines' passengers have the choice to hang on or hang up.

The 2010 CRM Service Awards: Service Leaders -- Contact Center Search

The 2010 CRM Service Awards: Service Leaders -- Contact Center Infrastructure

The 2008 CRM Market Awards: Market Leaders -- Incentive Management

In the first-ever appearance of this category, Callidus Software takes the inaugural crown.

The 2008 CRM Market Awards: Market Leaders -- Consultancies

As a new player sits atop the category for the first time in years, consultancies are facing "a necessary shift to compete in the new SaaS world," according to one analyst.

Magic Quadrant on Service Providers Provides a Boost for Accenture

Magic Quadrant '08: With calm but constant growth in the CRM service provider space, the largest firms still lead the way.

7 Steps to SOA Success

Services-oriented architecture--and the Web services it supports--is one of today's hottest software trends. It's also one of the least understood

The 2008 CRM Service Awards: Elite -- International Cruise & Excursions

International Cruise & Excursions sails into workforce management with Aspect Software.

CRM Gets Serious

With customer loyalty an ever-more-fleeting commodity, businesses must deliver consistent -- and consistently high-quality -- service. In the five stages that define CRM maturity, is your company among the leaders? Not knowing means you're not there yet.

Sunny Skies for Knology

Impact 360 helps to forecast warmer service for a southeastern telecom's "snowballing" contact center.

Making the Most of Marketing

Optimizing operations can intimidate the strongest of marketing departments, but with able people, good processes, and strong technology, the beast may be conquered, one bite at a time.

Screen Testing

Marketers can make more opportunities by testing to facilitate performance decisions, rather than going on intuition. The question is, which test is best?

Know, Know, Know?

NCSU and SAS agree to deliver the first master's degree in advanced analytics--the program may help to usher in an era for knowledge workers or may be, simply, viral marketing

EMC Improves Its Marketing ABCs

Unica teaches the info management company how to work smart.

Content Management Is for Lovers (and Clydesdales)

A government site fosters community love through a fresh Web upgrade.

A Green Light for Marketing

The onus is on marketers to go green through their actions, not their words, as consumers become more environmentally aware.

A Business Decision for Inforte

Business & Decision Group announces plans to acquire Inforte at a 33 percent price premium, spelling big wins for Inforte shareholders and a broader U.S. presence for Business & Decision.

Jive Talking for Online Communities

Jive Software enters the Web 2.0 world with Clearspace X, a solution that helps companies develop public communities for consumers, tightening the relationship between company and customer.

Is Three a Crowd in Service?

About one-fifth of consumers now seek third-party advice first for service problems, according to a new report from Jupiter, which helps uncover how this new consumer behavior can best be served.

Unica Says You Are the One

At the Unica Corporation's annual user conference, the vendor maps out new ways to for its customers to cope with growing consumer power.

Baynote Lends an Ear to the Silent Majority

Baynote releases Community-Guided eCommerce, a system to let customer behavior guide like-minded consumers on the Web.

Too Much Pork for Just One Fork

Shiny, clean data and solid lead qualification will help satisfy all by closing the nutritional sales-and-marketing info loop.

Gaining Altitude

JetBlue implements a Web self-service solution to power customers to field their own questions and let agents focus on the human touch.

Market Focus: Government: Citizen Satisfaction

The public sector thinks differently about the C in CRM, as more vendors cater to this vertical's specific needs.

Little Business, Big Web

The Web remains an unexplored frontier for many small businesses, but realized value for small companies may soon drive a surge of online colonization, according to a report.

The CMO: Black Sheep or Golden Child?

As CMOs continue to struggle with job security, a new study from the CMO Council and MarketBridge reveals that stability may be attained through measurement and definition.

Demographic Marketing Goes Web 2.0

Understanding the individuality of how consumers approach social networking is crucial for marketers trying to take the Web 2.0 plunge, according to a new report.

Smart, Swift Change: The SAS Global Forum

At SAS's annual user conference, the vendor announces plans to build a data-driven worldwide corporate culture, starting by grooming analytics workers in school and building target technology.

You've Got SAS

The SAS Global forum commences in Orlando with the promise to put power into the hands of customers; BI platforms are another must.

Oracle Picks a BlackBerry for Spring

The software giant releases BlackBerry support for its CRM solution as the mobile market ripens -- but will it increase customers' appetites for Oracle Siebel Wireless? Plays Pandora announces the release of a slew of new Web 2.0-based document management solutions, taking them out of the realm of strictly CRM and popping the lid of possible future product releases.

Shameful Service

A new study finds that company response to service emails are in a downward spiral; can best practices reverse the slump?

(Spread)sheet Music

Despite what reporting vendors might want enterprises to believe, spreadsheets are here to stay--the key for coping is to understand and manage them.

Coremetrics's Spring Fling

The company releases Spring 2007, featuring Web 2.0 multichannel measurement, an upgrade that according to one analyst is fashionable for Web-analytics vendors.

The 2007 Rising Stars and Service Excellence

There are customer service technology vendors making dynamic acquisitions and expanding their broad product portfolios that don't necessarily fit neatly into one of the seven Service Leader categories. In keeping with that our third annual Service Excellence award recipient, M2M Holdings, made two smart deals that plunged it directly into the full-suite CRM and knowledge management arenas. Also, we present our second annual Rising Star awards, spotlighting under-the-radar tech providers that are making serious strides to deepen their competitive footprint.

The 2007 Service Elite

It's clear, as the impact of commoditization continues to sweep across various verticals, that devoting serious energy to customer care processes is a bona fide strategy for strengthening brand loyalty. CRM magazine acknowledges five companies that realized eye-catching returns on their contact center services and technology investments with service-and-support deployments in the areas of Web-support services, workforce optimization, speech solutions, hosted contact center services, and agent-facing universal desktop.

The 2007 Service Leaders, Part 2

The customer care market in 2006 evolved at an enthralling rate, as providers of service-and-support technologies and services toiled to bolster their capabilities through strategic partnerships, head-turning mergers and acquisitions, and deepened research and development--all with the goal of helping companies provide stellar service. At the forefront of these developments are our 2007 Service Leaders--the contact center market's leading vendors in seven areas: computer telephony integration, interactive voice response, Web-support services, workforce optimization, quality monitoring, agent-facing universal desktop, and outsourcing services. The results are based on a blend of weighted criteria comprising analyst ratings for customer satisfaction, depth of functionality or services, and company direction, coupled with financial strength throughout the past year evidenced by revenue and revenue growth.

THE 2007 Service Leaders, Part 1

The customer care market in 2006 evolved at an enthralling rate, as providers of service-and-support technologies and services toiled to bolster their capabilities through strategic partnerships, head-turning mergers and acquisitions, and deepened research and development--all with the goal of helping companies provide stellar service. At the forefront of these developments are our 2007 Service Leaders--the contact center market's leading vendors in seven areas: computer telephony integration, interactive voice response, Web-support services, workforce optimization, quality monitoring, agent-facing universal desktop, and outsourcing services. The results are based on a blend of weighted criteria comprising analyst ratings for customer satisfaction, depth of functionality or services, and company direction, coupled with financial strength throughout the past year evidenced by revenue and revenue growth.

Guerrilla Marketing's Monkey Business

A crackpot scheme made an obscure cartoon show a household name, but was the bomb scare in Boston worth the buzz?

It's NICE to Be Secure

NICE Systems releases a new IP video security offering and a video management upgrade; the moves show a growing interest in network video.

Hard Going for the Little Guy

SMBs worldwide are facing numerous obstacles to growth as an unstable global economy and limited resources make the smaller companies scramble for funding.

Customer Satisfaction Isn't Easy for E-Gov

Satisfaction ratings are falling for government Web sites as commercial sites raise the bar for online experiences; the private sector may have much to teach the public sector. Springs a Space Program's Spring '07 release features AppSpace, a veritable on-demand lovechild of MySpace and AppExchange for the business user.

SaaS Is a Four-Letter Word for SMBs

Adoption of on-demand solutions by SMBs continues to increase, but many smaller companies are still wary of the concept of software-as-a-service, according to a new study.

SMBs Love Web 2.0

Small and medium businesses are quick adopters of Web 2.0, fueled by cost and performance pressures, according to a new study from AMI.

Beagle Honors the Wizzes in the Biz

Beagle Research releases its third annual WizKid awards, which honors both big companies and niche players that have been frontrunners of innovation in the industry.

Sarketing or Males? comes out with a program for SalesGenius that aims at meshing the departments of marketing and sales; one analyst sees the value for companies with long sales cycles.

The Potent Mesh

This will be a watershed year for online marketers experimenting with the web as a channel--here's how to reach beyond the banner ad.

Material Living in a Virtual World

Companies are looking to take a piece of Second Life's digital pie because of its explosive membership, but will this move prove virtually insignificant?

Molding Marketing Mindsets

A database management provider finds that sometimes the most valuable ROI can be all in your head.

Brainshark Clears the Sales and Marketing Channel Waters

With the release of its Marketing and Sales Effectiveness Suite, the company attempts to facilitate clear communication between marketing and sales.

Passenger Takes 2.0

The company announces the public availability of its community platform that helps marketers to make social networking mean more than mere viral efforts.

InQuira Gets Serious About Web 2.0

With the release of InQuira 8, the e-service vendor sets its sights on supporting Web 2.0, a move that one analyst predicts will spark a "dramatic year for this company."

Verint: Can I Get a Witness?

Verint scoops up Witness today, which marks major consolidation in the market, while propelling Verint to the head of the contact center solutions game.

Enterprise CRM Is Three Sheets to the Wind

A new Forrester Wave on enterprise CRM finds Oracle and SAP to be riding at the crest, while a number of competitors stock the sea with solid options.

Business Objects Makes Baby's First BI

Business Objects announces its plan to dip into the midmarket with a product line targeted at helping SMBs begin their first BI intitiatives.

Mercurial Marketing

Social networking sites have bloomed in the past year or so, but just how valuable are they to marketers and how can that value be leveraged?

A Rose Garland for Customer Satisfaction

The Kentucky Derby host spurs its Web site's content delivery to gallop into the winner's circle.

Marketing Dollars and Scents

New aroma-centered milk ads started a buzz, mostly among marketers.

Hispanic Marketing Goes to Universidad

The first Hispanic marketing programs crop up in the Midwest and online, speaking to a need in the workforce for multicultural marketers.

Credit Scoring Gets Pocket-Size

Mobile gets another push today with Experian's release of the first mobile solution for gathering company credit information.

SugarCRM Adds Spice

SugarCRM rounds out its previously SFA-focused application with new multichannel marketing and BI functionality to appeal to a wider market; one analyst calls it an evolution.

Mobile Marketing: A Balancing Act

A new report finds that as advertisers' interest in mobile marketing increases, carriers must find a way to increase mobile advertising while keeping customer trust.

A Dot KANA Solution

KANA releases KANA OnDemand, a fully integrated SaaS customer service suite, to lower its software's implementation costs and increase its company's midmarket share. Keeps Its Apex Promise releases the much-anticipated Apex platform today, which may lead to a long tail of advanced small niche solutions.

Avaya Begins an Ascent

The telephony vendor releases a sophisticated solution for the retail space, highlighting a trend in vertical-based communications solutions, according to one analyst.

What's in a Lead?

Defining what a qualified lead means to a company is the first of many steps on the road to closing the marketing and sales loop, according to a new report.

Offline-Level Service Is a Must-Have in the Virtual World

New research from Keynote indicates that consumers expect flawless online and mobile experiences, a demand that will only increase this year.

Is Free Shipping Old News?

Free shipping as a holiday promotion has become a must-do for online retailers; a new study helps retailers understand how this offer can become a differentiator.

From Crayons to Calculators

The transition marketers have had to make--from creative souls to metrics mavens--has occurred quickly over a relatively short period of time. Here, a brief on recent developments and some tips for remaining competitive.

Market Focus: Manufacturing: Money for Future Muscle

CRM investment continues to increase in the vertical as companies turn to PRM, analytics, and order management to get a tighter grasp on customers.

Sage's Sibling Reliability

BBBS can now produce reports on the level of need per school district.

Mailing Lists: Slimmer and Trimmer

A financial planning company for retirees collects a hefty pension after altering its poor targeting practices.

Customer Hubs Get Hot

Forrester Wave on Customer Hubs, 2006: As more attention turns to customer hubs, the continuing development makes it difficult to see clearly into this space; a new Forrester Wave takes a focused look at vendor offerings.

Get Those Digits

A new report finds that mobile use is becoming pervasive and encourages marketers to dive in now, despite difficulties with dissimilar carriers and wary consumers.

M2M Gets a Brand New Knova Bag

M2M Holdings snatches up Knova to add Web self-service technology to its growing CRM offerings; more acquisitions may follow, pushing a message of choice with consolidation.

Three Tiers for ISV Partnerships

ISV partnerships in the past have been strictly tech-driven, but a new study reports that marketing and sales capabilities are also becoming important attractors in these relationships.

Teenie Shoppers Make Big Buys

As online shopping among teenagers continues to grow, retailers must focus on teens' relationship to technology and family to reap the most from this market, according to a new report.

Unica Gets Marketer Friendly

Unica releases the latest version of its Web-analytics product, Affinium NetInsight 7.1, focused on ease of use and tighter multichannel tie-ins.

Witness Buys an Amigo Named Amae

Witness Systems gets customer feedback management functionality with the purchase of Amae Software, a move that may spark a customer feedback trend in the contact center market.

The BI Tools Bonanza

Simple, rewarding BI tools have been developed over the past three years, quietly accelerating marketers' ability to see and hear.

Juiced Up Self-Help

European energy provider ScottishPower tones its customer service with a new Web site that allows customers to more effectively help themselves.

Companies 2 Customers: I <3 U

As text messaging becomes a hot direct marketing channel, marketers must be careful that the message is helpful, not harassing.

Don't Text Me, I Won't Text You

The opportunity for text-message marketing would seem to be growing as more cell phone users get SMS savvy, but consumers still fiercely guard their numbers.

E-Retailers' Money Monday

Cyber Monday, the online retailer's Black Friday, will see the highest level of spending for this post-Thanksgiving shopping day of any year to date; high interest in e-retail popularity will continue year 'round.

Sterling Eats Up Front-End Functionality

Sterling Commerce announces its acquisition of Comergent Technologies to marry Comergent's order capturing capabilities with Sterling's order fulfillment software.

Don't Box Boomers In

Baby Boomers have a strong online customer presence, but companies must pay attention to factors aside from age to get the full picture of this cohort.

CRM Vendors Get SOA Happy

Leading CRM software vendors are looking to build out service oriented architecture to increase the flexibility of solutions, which will lead enterprises slowly but steadily to integrate SOA.

Motorola's Good Buy

The company plans to improve its mobile computing capabilities and increase its enterprise customer base through the acquisition of Good Technology.

Marketing Automation Grows at Autobahn Speeds

The acceleration means a greater return on investment for companies and a bigger piece of the enterprise pie for marketers.

Data: Quality and Flow

Pitney Bowes Group 1 makes additions and upgrades to its data management offerings, built on a new platform; pressure in the market is quickly increasing, according to one analyst.

Slim Pickins' in the Tech Talent Pool

Skill level is dwindling and now this labor lake must be stocked through a better human capital investment, according to a new study from PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Y Me

Members of Generation Y were the first to mature in a media-saturated, tech-savvy world--here's how to blow past the buzz and get the brand into their brains.

Will DVR Kill the TV Adsters?

Television marketing must realize a choice for its future: cope or fight.

A Chilean Telecom's Poetic ROI

Unica helps to streamline campaigns and manage a burgeoning customer base for VTR GlobalCom in the land of poets.

Hyperion Does Some Autumn Cleaning

The BPM software provider announces the launch of Hyperion System 9 Release 9.3, which focuses on data cleansing and integrity, as well as integration.

Search Marketing Revs Its Engine

Increased customer activity and better search engine performance will grow paid search, but companies must mind their budgets, according to a new study.

The Cost of Live-ing

SaaS is touted as a budget saver for SMBs, but a new report reveals that on-premise versus on-demand costs must be viewed from several angles.

Web Developers Weigh In

A new survey of 5,000 Web developers finds that interest in new Web languages and technologies is growing, meaning higher levels of site performance for users.

Six Degrees of Maturation

IS provider Experian steps out of its credit checking focus to further develop multichannel marketing solutions and services with six new releases.

Tools for Gold: Marketing That Mines Best Customers

Some customers have more value to a company than others and it pays to treat them accordingly--precision marketing tools can help, a new study finds.

Call Centers Invest in Magical Thinking

Companies place a high value on call center service, but as yet have not invested in the technology and training to support it, according to a new study.

CDC Gobbles Up MVI Technology

Vertical-specific RPM solutions provider MVI Technology may help the enterprise solutions provider to get more industry expertise and functionality.

PeopleSoft's Financial Management 9: Another Step Toward Fusion

Oracle's release of PeopleSoft Enterprise Financial Management 9 underscores the call for compliance in the marketplace and motion on the Fusion road map.

Who's Afraid of Big, Bad Outsourcing?

Its stigma as a menace to service is fading, from both the company and customer end, according to a recent report; customers want service quality, no matter where it comes from.

Tie-Ins: They're All About the Booty (Arrgh)

This past summer's Disney-fueled pirate craze forces a question: What does a station wagon have to do with the Jolly Roger?

Unicorns, Yetis, and SaaS Dangers

Once industry leaders get past their own fears of SaaS, adoption will grow more rapidly than it already has.

SAP Gets Its Demand On Again

SAP meets its formal product road map with the release of SAP Service on-demand and an upgraded version of SAP Sales on-demand.

LexisNexis: Helping Firms Wise Up

Its Client Development solutions line aims to help professional service firms stay competitive in a notably saturated space.

WFM Needs Some Attention

Adoption rates for workforce management may be high, but a recent study finds that usage and value metrics remain disproportionately low.

CRM Magazine Announces the 2006 Market Award Winners

The recipients were named at the destinationCRM 2006 Conference dinner last night in San Jose.

Sage Gets Some Corum Functionality

Sage acquires the mobile division of its partner, Corum, in an effort to increase mobile integration; mobility is hot now for companies that want to invest in a product.

McGruff Sinks His Teeth Into Cybercrime

With 80 percent of computers lacking core protection, the CMO Council and the National Crime Prevention Council launch the Take a Bite Out of Cyber Crime campaign.

Big Companies Get a Little Disrespectful

The largest U.S. companies are collecting more personal information from customers, but are less likely to spread it around, according to a new report.

Sage Livens Up the ACT! for 2007

The venerable product line receives upgrades to improve security, Outlook integration, and user productivity; one analyst lauds the new functionality.

Microsoft: Expecting a Live Baby

Has the software giant's on-demand application incubated for too long?

MySpace Cadets

The growing popularity of the Web site has marketers looking to blast off into the new social networking frontier. Will they crash in security and clutter issues?

Site Meets Solution: A Modern Love Story

My Wedding Favors gets a major boost in convergence rates tying the knot with Kefta, a search-targeting solution provider.

Applications Performance Management: A Total Hottie?

The Yankee Group finds APM to be one of the most attractive market opportunities driving global network strategy.

Speed Kills: Viral Marketing and Customer Trust

Viral marketers are diving into the social networking space, but a recent study says they must not make any sudden moves if they want to gain customer trust.

You Can't Wish Numbers Into Being

B2B CMOs want more quantifiable results, but many still do not take the appropriate steps to acquire these numbers.

Dueling Search Marketing Releases

Paid search functionality gets a big boost today with both and NetSuite releasing separate versions of leads tracking and management solutions with Google Adwords.

Do Sweat the Small Stuff

A new study from Experian showcases the crucial differences between owners of incorporated and unincorporated small businesses that marketers need to know.

BI Battles Risky Business

A recent security evaluation of Cognos 8 Business Intelligence highlights new risks in the marketplace.

Maximizer Says, ''Leave Your Laptop at Home''

The company expands its Microsoft integration and mobile solutions with the release of Maximizer Enterprise 9.5, in a move to ease the woes of the SMB sales force.

Security Sells

Security is becoming a higher selling point for customers according to a CMO Council report; incorporating a message of safety into your brand can boost sales.

Oracle Teams Up With Before the Call

Oracle follows the lead, announcing the integration of Before the Call's sales intelligence functionality into its Siebel CRM On Demand platform.

The Maturation of MRM

Marketing resource management is growing up--and adding muscle to ROI--as companies seek to codify strategies and track marketing budgets.

Seeing Red Over Broken Wings

The marketing of energy drinks to four-year-olds cues questions of social responsibility.

AOL Learns How to (Video) Share

The pending release of, a comprehensive video library, raises questions of competition and advertising value in the video sharing space.

Eloqua Gets Its Platform On

Eloqua's Summer 2006 Conversion Suite offers customers the ability to create customized programs and moves the company toward true platform status.

Creating Community the New-Fashioned Way

A Patricia Seybold Group report argues that companies and customers need to be "codevelopers" to develop successful online community platforms.

Ad Agencies: A Change Is Gonna Come

A recent study by the Winterberry Group predicts a massive upheaval in the advertising agency space, prompting agencies to consolidate and knock down silos. Drops a Hot Summer Jam

The CRM leader releases its 20th generation--Summer '06; a connector for SAP R/3 marks another move toward enterprise customers.

Microsoft CRM: It's a Live!

Microsoft lays out its road map for the Live on-demand solution, extending its reach to small businesses in the CRM space.

Advertisers Add More to Their Spend

More channels and a recovering economy are leading to a free flow of marketing dollars, according to a study.

When It Comes to Search, Three's a Crowd

Decreasing time spent and the number of searches per visit are the best ways to create valuable search experiences and boost conversion; common sense and best practices go hand in hand.

A Thousand Words Will Betray Consumer Trust

Overcommunication and spin can have the opposite of a marketer's intended effect.

Rescued at Sea

Microsoft partner IBIS wades in to help a financial services company with unmanageable sales leads.

NetSuite Goes National With CompUSA

The companies forge the first partnership to make on-demand business software available through a retail chain.

DM Days Says 'Search Me'

Advertising agency execs at the DMA's annual conference speak to the growth and prominence of search marketing as a channel that enables companies to learn while they sell.

Marketers: Find Your Reach, Reach Your Finds

The DM Days conference takes a deep look into the best and worst ways to develop marketing strategies in the digital world.

Grapevine Technology Through Grassroots Techniques

Small companies lead the growing trend of word of mouth marketing, according to Jupiter Research.

Gluing Office to Enterprise

A new family of Microsoft solutions promises to make the integration between the software company's desktop offerings and enterprise solutions more seamless and cost-effective.

Online Customers Pay Pure Plays

Web-only merchants outperform multichannel marketers in online customer satisfaction, according to a new study from ForeSee and FGI.

Talk It, Don't Type It

Virtual Management announces the integration of Electronic Virtual Assistant into Outlook, enabling users to call in voice information to the Microsoft platform.

Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For

Web search-and-navigation experience capacity is not matching customer needs, which can lead to mediocre revenues and reduced customer loyalty.

How Many Clicks Does a Click Fraud Make?

As invalid click percentage projections oscillate, it is important to stay focused on fraud identification and filtration.

A Fresh Pot of Insight

TeaLeaf releases TeaLeaf CX, a rich datastore for online customer experience that provides companies a complete view of consumer interactions, along with a family of applications to analyze them.

A Slow Q1 for Customer Service Software

Low revenue, customer adoption, and product-activity levels indicate a loss of short-term momentum in a long line of steady growth.

Retailers: Choose Your Battles and Reap the Rewards

Customers put top value on employee interaction, not the lowest price--they want access, experience, price, product, and service.

Companies? Listen Up!

A new study throws fire at a number of business management values and calls the CRM industry into question.

Social Responsibility: Are Companies Faking It?

In the wake of the Enron scandal, the message most people got was not to get caught.

IEX and Performix Find a NICE Home

NICE Systems will acquire IEX and Performix; is it the start of a major trend in the contact center solutions industry?

Wise Guides Confer at ATG's Insight Live 2006

The conference covers info about online business strategies and previews of new e-marketing, sales, and customer service offerings.

F&A Outsourcing: Not the Preferred Choice

The Hackett Group finds that businesses favor onshore and offshore shared services over outsourcing; the trend may continue over the next three years.

Travel Metasearch's Version 2.0 Could Fly to New Heights

Metasearch 1.0 has a bad reputation, but the application of an AJAX-type interface and user-controlled content could make metasearch 2.0 an asset to airlines and customers.

Nsite Releases a Platform for the Tech-Impaired

Version 6.0 allows users to create and customize applications entirely on their browser and could make Nsite a bigger player in the SaaS industry.

Airlines' Customer Service Stays Grounded

A report calculating airline performance finds customer service down, indicating a slip to pre 9/11 service standards.

Embracing SMS for Customer Service

Companies expect to up the use of short message service--or text messaging--as a low-cost way to immediately touch customers on the move.

Cost Still Drives the Decision to Outsource

Companies are willing to pay more for dependable providers, but continue to choose outsourcing to reduce their costs.

SAS Celebrates Its 30th With Vertical Solutions

The business intelligence giant enhances industry-specific software solutions and offers a new data integration initiative at its annual conference.

Companies Seek Data Protection

Information security is a predominant concern in companies looking for outsourcing vendors, according to a recent report.

SaaS Will Increase Serving Size

A new IDC study predicts a focus on partnering, a movement toward on-demand, and an overall increase in software as a service availability.

BPM Goes to School

Boston University teams up with Business Process Trends to develop a business process management education program.

A HitDynamics Hitch Promises Hitwise Success

BI vendor Hitwise acquires European Web-analytics software company HitDynamics.