Nsite Releases a Platform for the Tech-Impaired

Nsite, a leading SaaS provider, has announced the release of Nsite 6.0, an entirely browser-based, AJAX-enabled platform that allows users who may not have programming knowledge to build and customize applications. The simplicity of Nsite 6.0's application creation enables companies to integrate and activate new applications in a matter of days or weeks using basic drag-and-drop techniques. "It's a bold move, because it moves Nsite beyond simply offering a discrete set of business applications to now providing an application development platform that can be used by other ISVs, and could significantly expand Nsite's role and importance in the SaaS industry," says Jeffrey Kaplan, managing director of THINKstrategies. "It shows how the range of tools and platforms in software as a service are continuing to rapidly expand in the market, making them more attractive for other vendors." Nsite calls its new approach The On Demand Enterprise. The platform has two areas, The Nsite Application Center and the Nsite Application Builder, which together provide companies with the ability to customize applications and the resources to do so. The Nsite Application Center is a continuously growing library of applications for sales force productivity, enabling users to increase revenues and efficiency through quote, proposal, and channel management. The Nsite Application Builder is the creative side of the software, letting organizations combine applications found in the library to build solutions that are tailored to their specific business needs. Nsite claims version 6.0 marks the first AJAX-enabled platform to run solely through a browser. The application is targeted towards SMBs looking to improve sales efficiency and revenue, focusing on everything up to the quote. The application requires no knowledge of HTML or coding, so that business analysts can make use of it without the need for IT professional resources or technology support. "Whatever you want to change about quoting or channel management solutions, you as a user can use drag and drop to completely change the application," says Lawrence Lindsey, vice president of engineering at Nsite. "You can customize it to your heart's content." Lindsey says SaaS applications like Nsite are growing rapidly because of the flexibility they bring to modern work styles. "What we're finding is that people want access to applications anywhere--whether they're at home, at the office, or on the road. On demand makes access to the application very simple. If you are browsing the Web for personal use, but want to get some work done, you can just fire up the browser." Kapalan sees Nsite 6.0 as another step in the forwarding of the SaaS trend. "THINKstrategies research shows that organizations who have adopted software as a service are satisfied. They are continuing to buy more and even encouraging their peers to do the same." Related articles: Cleaner Page Loads with AJAX
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