ClearSlide Announces Updated Outlook Solution

Sales and marketing platform provider ClearSlide today announced an update to its ClearSlide for Outlook platform that includes support for Outlook 2016 and advanced template options, all with the goal of increasing productivity and ease of use for sales, marketing, and customer success teams.

The new advanced template options are designed to make templates easier to find and use. Marketers can also create and promote mini-templates with standard responses, and sellers can insert multiple templates into a single response or email thread, with the goal of saving time.

“[For example], when the customer asks a question, the salesperson can bring in the specific FAQs they want into that response, and it doesn’t break up the email thread, and they can tailor it, so that they’re not sending a broader FAQ document than what the customer needed,” says Meera Mehta, senior director of product marketing at ClearSlide.

“We hear from a lot of our customers that the reason why they love ClearSlide for Outlook is that … the vast majority of reps are working in email, in Outlook, on their phones. Anything that we can do to fix the rep’s existing workflow, and make them more efficient and more effective in that workflow, has a broader impact on sales in general,” Mehta says. “We’re really excited about really empowering salespeople to work the way they want to, but bring the benefits to the sales leadership, the sales operation team, better data quality and adoption, and improved efficiency.”

ClearSlide for Outlook enables users to engage with customers and prospects directly from their inboxes, as well as automatically log activity and engagement analytics into their CRM systems. Additional capabilities include easily adding sales materials to email correspondence, tracking customer interaction from initial contact to close, and screen-sharing directly from the inbox.

The solution also provides sellers access to contacts and opportunities from Salesforce and Dynamics. Sellers receive instant notifications when their emails are opened and their content is engaged with, with the goal of gaining insight into the kind of content that customers are responding to. To follow up with prospects and customers, sellers can launch instant online meetings—which commence with a single click—directly from the inbox.

The updated ClearSlide for Outlook is available as a free download to all ClearSlide users.

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