Outreach Releases Outbound Analytics to Boost Sales Rep Productivity

Sales technology provider Outreach today bolstered its sales platform with Outbound Analytics, a solution designed to improve selling processes by arming reps with customizable workflows and automatic activity logging capabilities that work in concert with their CRM systems. According to Manny Medina, CEO of Outreach, the product "allows reps to optimize their time by putting the right data at their fingertips."  

"Sales reps have too many tools," Medina argues, pointing to supporting studies from Aragon Research and Accenture. "We're at a point where 60 percent of a rep's time is spent on non-selling activities. It takes anywhere between six and seven emails, and over 20 calls, just to try to get ahold of somebody and get an appointment." At the same time, says Medina, "the rep has increasingly less time to sell, and the prospects are actually busier, and you need to take more actions just to get the same amount of results." Because of these competing priorities, sales managers are fed up with the current state of the market and in need of a unified solution that allows reps to focus their efforts.  
Outreach, he explains, aims to provide users with a single "system of action," wherein they are continuously informed by new data flowing in from CRM and marketing automation systems to help them carry out their next interactions with prospects. "We get to see across all of the activity, if that means taking a call, sending an email, a slide deck, a message on LinkedIn, or a packet, to get somebody to become qualified and get a lead, all the way down to the opportunity created and closed," Medina says.

Built on the core Outreach platform, Outreach Analytics gathers data from third-party sources to surface prescribed next steps to sales reps, including instructions regarding which prospects to engage and when, as well as performance reviews for past actions and messages that help them make the best decisions moving ahead.

The offering includes three categories of insights that are displayed on separate tiles of the Outreach Dashboard:
  • The Coaching Analytics window gives managers access to the history of their team members’ activity, with the goal of keeping them educated about their performances. Using the tool, managers can determine who their best reps are and appoint them to positions of mentorship to help other reps.
  • The Prospect Intelligence function gathers customer information from a variety of third-party sources, including Twitter, Owler, Crunchbase, Datanyze, and specialty sales data providers, to help sales reps monitor engagement through buying signals that surface at the individual and account levels.
  • Engagement Insights draws on Prospect Intelligence data to help sales pros identify the optimal ways to contact a customer, whether it is by phone, email, or social media, as well as their preferred content.
Outreach offers deep integration with Salesforce.com, says Medina. "We have in our road map an integration with [Microsoft] Dynamics as well; the problem with Dynamics is we don't have clarity as to what is cloud and what is on-prem, so we're pausing on that until we get to see a bit more traction on the Dynamics 365 release."
While pricing varies, "our blended average per seat price is around $120 per seat per month, and that includes our success framework and a dedicated customer success manager for the account," Medina says.

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