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The travel and hospitality business is driven by successful customer interactions. Companies that rely on their client's satisfaction need best feedback tools available. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions for the hotel and travel industry provide those tools. Explore our latest CRM news, analysis, and advice for the travel and tourism industry.

Yes, Companies Can Influence Customer Emotion

How experiences make customers feel is crucial. Ignore that at your own peril.

Conversational AI Should Speak Plainly and Carry a Big Meaning

Highly technical or lawyerly utterances should be eschewed—in other words, lose the jargon

SMBs See Strength in Intimacy

Context relevancy transforms interactions into experience.

What Drives a Profitable Customer Experience?

Companies that value customers need to let them know.

The Age of Entitled Consumers

What hath consumerism wrought?

Insuring Fliers Against Travel Snafus

Air travel gets a new wrinkle—annoyance insurance.

What Makes a Successful Mobile User Experience?

Uncovering the traits that set industry leaders apart.

Customer Experience Management Is on the Road to Maturity

Companies that lag behind must move from 'fluff' to 'tough.'

Gas Prices Fuel UCS, Web Conferences

The need to reduce travel spurs front-office solutions

Children Are the Currency

Courting kids in the experience economy

Has Our Technology Exceeded Our Humanity?

Your challenge, in a lot of ways, is to infuse what you do with humanity.

When Customer Experience Matters Most

An eruption of volcanic ash leads to an eruption of service mistakes.

Facebook Is the Future of CRM

Only social media can put the customer back into CRM.

Can You Create a Viral Hit?

If your goal is to launch a viral campaign simply to increase your brand awareness, you're flirting with danger.

The Lessons of the Magic Curry Kart

Your local street-food vendor can teach your company a thing or two.

The New Connections of Social Media

I don't care to belong to any social network that will accept me as a member.

The 5 Phases of Social Experience

The social Web is about to evolve — again. Are you ready to evolve, too?

Fandango Has Just the Ticket

Movie Web site and ticket retailer implements analytics to aid with internal reporting.

Your Savings Are My Services

Think about what you're giving off when you're giving in to pressure.

The Tweet Is Mightier than the Sword

So speak softly and carry just 140 characters.