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September 30, 2015


Can a Single View of Your Customer Be a Bad Thing?

Now that we've achieved consistency, it's on to the next challenge: personalization.


Business Schools Suggest New Loyalty Metrics

Marketing experts create a five-part model to measure customer commitment

Pint of View

No Sale

Can we saw off the third leg of the CRM tripod?

CRM Across the Wire

Donky Launches Segmentation and Analysis Techniques

Companies can use Donky to segment and target their customers based on level of activity and behavior.

Yext Launches Xone Mobile Solution

Xone lets brick-and-mortar businesses send real-time texts to mobile customers.

Lexalytics Now Supports Nordic Languages

Lexalytics adds Danish, Swedish, and Norwegian to its text and sentiment analytics solutions.

adjust Brings Marketing Analytics to Apple TV

adjust's mobile ad analytics and attrribution platform now supports Apple TV's TVOS.

AppFigures Integrates with Adobe Analytics

App store intelligence platform integrated with Adobe Analytics provides companies with data about their app usage.

Ampsy Taps IBM Watson to Increase Fan Engagement During Live Events

Ampsy will use Watson analytics to better understand fan sentiment and social content sharing.