• September 29, 2015

Donky Launches Segmentation and Analysis Techniques

Donky, a network for developers to build secure flexible communications into any application with interoperable real-time data and fully customizable UI options, has launched new analytics that enable deeper segmentation and analysis of mobile app and Web users for enhanced granular targeting.

Donky enables brands to determine and engage with existing customers based on their level of activity, behavior, and past interactions.

The two first properties to be launched are the following:

  • Active vs Dormant: A campaign can be created to encourage the reactivation of dormant users who were last seen more than three months ago with a limited-time special offer, or active users can be targeted with offer codes for use on specific days to encourage repeat activity and increased loyalty. This can then be tracked in the brand's audience analytics, showing how customers are converting between active and dormant statuses to identify where marketing is positively impacting.
  • Anonymous or Known status: On the Donky network, customers are either known to a brand by unique user IDs, associating them with relevant contact information and allowing all of their devices to be connected to create user-centric marketing campaigns, or they are anonymous, aside from the detail of the devices they are registered on. Brands can identify who has visited their sites or downloaded their apps and not yet provided user information. For known users, this enables hyper-personalized communications that are contextually relevant to the specific type of device they engage with.

These properties can be used individually or together and combined with a brand's own data or additional properties from an app or Web site for even deeper segmentation and targeting, and to produce different results.

"When it comes to developing a revenue-generating app, initial customer interaction is only one tiny part of the story for brand marketing strategies. It is considerably more expensive to obtain new app users than to re-engage existing dormant users; by introducing the ability to re-engage dormant users, brands can reduce both the pressure and cost to create new app downloads. Our customers are currently benefitting from this increased insight through deeper segmentation and have been able to boost interaction significantly from between nine percent and 13 percent in standard activity," said Donky CEO Paul Putman in a statement. "With these new segmentation and analysis capabilities we are not only giving marketers a step up in the ongoing bid to provide timely and relevant communications to increase active consumer interaction but reducing their spend on new customer acquisition as they activate existing users."

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