• September 24, 2015

Ampsy Taps IBM Watson to Increase Fan Engagement During Live Events

Ampsy (formerly Fliptu), a provider of social aggregation tools, has joined IBM's Watson ecosystem and is developing an analytics offering, AmpElite, powered by Watson. The app, which is due for release in November, will help stakeholders in the live events industry better understand social content sharing and fan sentiment.

A number of brands are working with Ampsy to refine the app through a pilot program, including CrowdSurf, Epic Rights, Lippman Entertainment, McGhee Entertainment, Rally America, and Rock & Brews.

Ampsy offers brands live event media aggregation as a service through its proprietary media geofencing engine. The company's AmpElite analytics platform powered by Watson is based on three Watson APIs: Personality Insights, Sentiment Analysis, and Keyword Extraction. With the addition of Watson cognitive capabilities, this solution brings actionable data to clients to monitor fans' reactions across multiple social channels in a single, integrated view during live events.

"Combining Ampsy's geofencing capabilities with their new AmpElite analytics powered by Watson has enabled us to identify super fans at live shows, engage with them in real time or post-show, and micro-market to them on a level we've never seen before," said Jesper Poulsen, vice president of artist and brand development at Epic Rights, in a statement. "Additionally, using the Watson sentiment analysis and personality insights tools now available to us, we're able to gauge how fans feel about specific merchandise and determine likelihood of an individual fan's intent to purchase various designs and styles."

"Brands use our tools to aggregate, curate and display amazing social content shared at their live events," said Jeremy Gocke, founder and CEO of Ampsy, in a statement. "The next logical step is to give them sophisticated analytics and reporting capabilities around that content and insights on the fans sharing it. IBM Watson's cognitive learning APIs perfectly complement our tools and have brought granular, actionable data to our clients through fan sentiment analysis and personality insights."

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