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June 03, 2015

CRM Featured Articles

Information Builders Summit 2015: Reducing Organizational Data Divides, and Adding Spruced-Up Features

The Business Intelligence (BI) company makes data more practical for the average end user with added functions and a scalable interface.

MindTouch Releases Responsive, a New Content Creation Tool

MindTouch Responsive is the result of years of research into online consumer behavior.

Magazine Features

What You Need to Know About Customer Experience Maps

Before a company designs its map, it should take a number of steps to make sure it doesn't go off course


Want to Sell Smarter? Don't Overcommit on Low-Value Engagements

People are your top resource—so have them focus on engaging in person.

Front Office

Prepare Your Business for the Internet of Things

CRM Across the Wire

Amdocs Releases CES 9.3

Amdocs CES 9.3 includes new online commerce solution to enable service providers to offer multiplay communications services with digital and hard goods.

GoldMine Launches GoldMine Cloud

New cloud-based version of GoldMine CRM is now available.

AdStage Emerges with a New Solution

The company comes out of beta to launch an ad management platform.

LivePerson Releases LiveEngage Mobile App

LiveEngage mobile messaging app helps small businesses stay in touch with customers.

InfoDesk Introduces Curated Social Media Briefs for Top Execs

InfoDesk launches Social Media InfoMonitor designed for the C-suite.

Xerox Announces New Robotic Process Automation Offerings

ClearSight Case Management and ClearSight Automated Intelligence are the first in Xerox's suite of process automation solutions.