• May 29, 2015

Xerox Announces New Robotic Process Automation Offerings

Xerox today launched robotic process automation (RPA) services with the latest expansion of its automation software portfolio.

The first tools of the automation package are being provided as part of the Xerox ClearSight suite of products and include ClearSight Automated Intelligence and ClearSight Case Management.

Xerox developed ClearSight Automated Intelligence to mimic human actions by routing or processing data based on specific rules. The software works with any data source, such as email or spreadsheets, and can be programmed to perform simple routines to complex processes. This software creates a user interface or communication link that can read data entering specific processes through business apps, Web apps, or the contact center and can direct the data to the appropriate application or process.

Xerox ClearSight Case Management controls the business process workflow plus what the users see on their computer screens, creating an easy-to-use, fully integrated product that can be deployed in various industries. For example, this software application can be used to train customer care agents and to help respond to callers' inquiries. The application eliminates the need for extensive agent training on where to find the answers to common customer inquiries. When handling a call, the application knows where to retrieve the correct information while recording/logging information from the entire call for future calls. This tool organizes information by topic and delivers it to the agent's touch screen as an icon for easy access. Agents can focus on callers instead of multiple software and legacy applications.

"Xerox has long been a leader in process automation, supported with hundreds of client engagements and many decades of R&D. We've now made this experience more accessible and available for mainstream deployment across multiple industries," said Sue Watts, chief operating officer of Xerox Global Capabilities, in a statement. "Automation will drive profound change in how business processes are conducted while delivering tangible benefits, ranging from scalability to accuracy to cost."

Watts said Xerox is embedding automation tools throughout its portfolio to support its full line of business, from customer care centers, to finance and accounting processes to the healthcare sector.

"Our focus on automation will allow us to deliver improved productivity, expanded margins and efficiencies to client operations while allowing staff to be redeployed to pursue creative and innovative solutions to business challenges," Watts said. "We're integrating robotic tools with human users so they work side-by-side, and that changes how work is done."

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