• May 29, 2015
  • By Leonard Klie, Editor, CRM magazine and SmartCustomerService.com

MindTouch Releases Responsive, a New Content Creation Tool

MindTouch, makers of content-driven customer engagement software, has taken 26 trillion discrete units of behavioral data collected during the past two years and used it to create MindTouch Responsive, a solution to help companies create online content that better reflects their customers' behaviors.

The new MindTouch Responsive features an updated content authoring and delivery platform that uses machine learning to tailor the Web content delivered to specific consumers based on what they've done on the site. It also offers templates that automatically structure content.

MindTouch Responsive "enforces a more intelligent structure for data that allows the customer to have a better experience," says Aaron Fulkerson, CEO and co-founder of MindTouch.

Though largely used for Web content geared toward customer self-service, such as product manuals and instructional guides, MindTouch Responsive could also be applied to content that is used by marketing, sales, and customer support representatives, according to Fulkerson.

"It covers product help online and on mobile, but also covers content that defines the product to help consumers make purchasing decisions," he explains.

Responsive's goal, Fulkerson says, is to help companies turn the content they're already producing to document their products or support their customers into a strategic asset to improve Web site traffic and derive behavioral data about their customers and prospects.

"It's about driving customer engagement that brings in additional revenue using the content they already have," he says. "It's about taking the content they've already created and turning it into something valuable."

The research that went into the product comprises anonymous user data documenting how people interact with online help centers across their multichannel customer journeys. It found that people are turning to product and help content for more than support, and that much of the Web content being viewed by consumers is being accessed on mobile devices.

For that reason, MindTouch Responsive is "mobile responsive," according to Fulkerson.

"Mobile traffic has doubled in the past year," he says, noting that consumers do most of their product research off hours and on mobile devices.

Responsive is also optimized for search engines to drive more traffic to company Web sites and away from third-party or competitor sites. "With MindTouch, content ranks highly in Google searches," Fulkerson says.

MindTouch is producing more than 1 trillion monthly units of behavioral data about what content is effective for engaging customers and helping them achieve successful self-service outcomes. It includes data from clients, which include companies like Docker, Zenefits, Sprinklr, and Zuora.

"All the best things that our customers are doing with our product is baked right in," Fulkerson says.

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