• March 17, 2020
  • By Leonard Klie, Editor, CRM magazine and SmartCustomerService.com

Demandbase Adds to Its ABM Platform

Demandbase today in an online event unveiled three account-based marketing solutions: Demandbase Data Stream, Site Analytics, and Self-Serve Targeting, designed to give business-to-business marketers greater access to and control over their account-level information.

Data Stream lets users combine all of their Demandbase data, including customer, account, campaign, site, and intent data, and push it into other reporting and analytics analytics tools.

Data Stream gives marketers "more flexibility and more access to and control of their data," said Phil Hollrah, Demandbase's vice president of product marketing, during the event, which replaced the company's ABM Innovation Summit, a live user conference that was scheduled to take place in San Francisco this week but was cancelled because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Marketers, Hollrah added, can import the information to data warehouses, cloud storage, reporting tools, and other applications, and users "can set their reports to automatically refresh daily."

With the new Site Analytics offering, B2B marketers can identify which target accounts are engaging with specific web content, which pages they are visiting, and what they are doing on them. They can then use this information to optimize pages, personalize marketing and sales efforts, create new audience segments, and create content-specific campaigns based on the pages that are of the most value to targeted accounts.

Self-Serve Targeting allows marketers to set up and configure campaigns, advertising materials, website content, and more in real time with a few simple steps. Self-Serve Targeting provides more autonomy to set up campaigns via an intuitive user interface and allows for changes to campaigns as needed.

"Starting today, Self-Serve Targeting is going into an early adopter program," Hollrah said.

One of those early adopters in Agilent.

"Programmatic and ABM have become a key part of our internal agency's marketing efforts. We need a targeting solution that can help us take control and ensure our campaigns are reaching our target audiences," said Richard Rodgers, its global director of digital marketing."We are thrilled to be a part of Demandbase's early adopter program and use the new Self-Serve Targeting solution. We are excited by the possibility of this tool, helping our team streamline and enhance our advertising strategy."

Gabe Rogol, Demandbase's CEO, said the three new products are part of what Demandbase is calling the third wave of account-based marketing.

The first wave, he said, started in 2007 when the first technologies were introduced. The second wave, highlighted by early adopters, began in 2015.

The third wave, Rogol said, is definitional. "Everyone knows that ABM is core to their marketing efforts, but not everyone knows exactly what it is all about."

Modern ABM, he explained, should have three core elements: data, decisioning, and a delivery/action layer, all powered by artificial intelligence and a simple user interface.

Today, "ABM is one of the most important categories in B2B marketing," Rogol added, "but you need to be able to control and access the data.

"B2B marketers are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of data available to us every day. Being the control freaks we are, marketers are constantly frustrated trying to extract the right insights to tailor our campaigns and reach our target audiences," he concluded. "We are launching new solutions that will empower all of us to take control of data to create tailored campaigns that will drive growth for their organizations. These new solutions are a reflection of what's coming next in the world of ABM."

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