• May 6, 2019

Demandbase Launches ABM Ecosystem

Demandbase, a provider of account-based marketing (ABM) solutions, today launched the Demandbase ABM Ecosystem, which brings together the Demandbase ABM Platform, CRM, marketing automation, and other critical technologies necessary for executing an ABM strategy.

The ecosystem ensures integration within the ABM tech stack to leverage data, intent, and account-based audiences across technologies. The current ecosystem includes organizations such as Salesforce.com, Salesforce Pardot, Marketo, Oracle, SAP, Drift, PathFactory, Uberflip, Folloze, and Sigstr.

"ABM has quickly become a core platform for B2B marketers, and the next phase of ABM will require tighter coordination across the ecosystem to integrate applications and data under an account-first architecture," said Chris Golec, CEO of Demandbase, in a statement. "As the pioneer of the ABM category, we are spearheading this effort to enable B2B marketers with the ability to deliver a coordinated, consistent message across multiple channels and ultimately increase the effectiveness and ROI of an ABM strategy."

The Demandbase ABM Ecosystem expands ABM from single-vendor solutions to include marketing automation, CRM, content management systems, content experience platforms, analytics engines, chat tools, sales enablement platforms, and more. At the core is the Demandbase ABM Platform, which allows marketers to identify, manage, and segment target account audiences in a single place and measure the results holistically.

With the Demandbase ABM Ecosystem, marketers can now connect accounts from Demandbase with known individuals in their marketing automation systems, leverage data and intent to build audiences across all of their channels, and deliver consistent messaging. Additionally, data from partner technologies can be integrated into the Demandbase ABM Platform to provide a complete view of accounts and their activities.

"Marketers are increasingly responsible for revenue-related KPIs and have embraced account-based strategies as a method to efficiently identify and cultivate demand." said Nicholas Cumins, general manager of SAP Marketing Cloud, in a statement. "By extending SAP Marketing Cloud's orchestration and analytic horsepower with Demandbase is a perfect fit with that strategy; enabling customers with better data and tools to identify, engage and close their most important target accounts. Our partnership will be a game-changer for companies looking to plan and execute a comprehensive ABM strategy at scale."

"We are excited to expand and grow our Drift ABM capabilities alongside Demandbase and its ecosystem of ABM vendors," said Dave Gerhardt, vice president of marketing at Drift, in a statement. "By leveraging the segments created in Demandbase across multiple technologies, including chat, marketers will have a seamless way to ensure the consistency of messaging across all channels."

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