• September 6, 2018

Demandbase Introduces Targeting Solution

Demandbase, a provider of account-based marketing (ABM) solutions, today unveiled its Targeting Solution which leverages artificial intelligence-powered intent data to identify and reach target buying committees. The Demandbase Targeting Solution also includes a new level of control and visibility for customers, exposing the real impact of media dollars in terms of accounts, opportunities and deals.

"B2B advertising has traditionally borrowed from B2C marketing technologies, resulting in a trade-off between precision and scale, as well as a great deal of wasted advertising spend," said Chris Golec, CEO of Demandbase, in a statement. "Our new Targeting Solution offers the scale of Google along with the precision of LinkedIn to deliver superior business results. This new offering will fundamentally change how B2B marketers measure the performance of their ABM investments."

Demandbase's Targeting Solution is offered in a subscription-based model. It can process more than 150 billion intent signals each month. With it, marketers and advertisers can do the following:

  • build and manage account-based audiences based on firmographic data and intent profiles;
  • create and execute advertising campaigns reaching accounts and their key buyers with personalized messaging;
  • measure advertising impact along with engagement, conversions, and opportunities at the account level;
  • export audiences to data management platforms;
  • compare the performance of multiple advertising channels based on key ABM metrics; and
  • improve search engine optimization and paid search performance by discovering which keywords should be used for different business audiences.

The Targeting Solution is part of the Demandbase ABM Platform, which identifies the best-fit accounts, engages them through advertising and website personalization, delivers account-based insights to sales teams, and measures progress across campaigns and target accounts.

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