• May 10, 2016

RingLead Launches Account Based Marketing Solution for Salesforce and Marketo

RingLead today launched an account-based marketing solution for Salesforce.com and Marketo users.

The solution is designed to ensure that the most important leads are pursued, directing target account alerts to sales teams, and making sure multiple reps aren't calling the same contact in a database. It instantly finds contacts associated with accounts from public sources in real time and presents them to reps with the information needed to reach out to them in an outbound call or an email campaign. It can also identify account-related leads and records to quickly surface previous or concurrent work done with an account.

Additionally, RingLead's new product automatically appends firmographic data to new leads. It features a de-duplication program so reps can find, prevent, and eliminate duplicate information in their client records.

"We have really drilled down to address the core pain points of sales teams and their managers with this solution and done so with our lead match-making technology," said Shai Alfandary, RingLead's head of products, marketing, and business development, in a statement. "The process for each step, whether connecting leads to target accounts, associating account owners to new leads, or easily alerting reps on new leads in their accounts is just the tip of the iceberg. We are also offering auto-conversions, bulk processing options, account-based lead scoring and a de-duping system that is beyond compare. Our mission is to help our clients optimize the data that's available to them to be able to get the utmost out of their salesforce and market instances. Through an efficient and streamlined process that utilizes the cleanest, leanest data, we are able to accomplish that.

RingLead's Account Based Lead Marketing does the following:

  • Vets new leads and searches pre-existing accounts to see if any match account;
  • Performs fuzzy matches on company and domain names used in the lead's email address;
  • Ensures new leads are routed to their strategic account owners through lead assignments;
  • Sets up email alerts when Salesforce.com assigns the lead owner equal to the account owner;
  • Automatically converts leads from existing accounts into contacts;
  • Performs batch processes to associate existing leads with existing accounts;
  • Uncovers which people are associated with pre-existing accounts through bulk processing;
  • Incrementally scores leads when RingLead finds a lead matching a pre-existing account;
  • Finds account-associated contacts right within the account record inside Salesforce.com; and
  • Identifies related records and leads to surface previous or concurrent work with the account to identify opportunities for collaboration between reps.

"We are asking sales reps to say goodbye to blank fields in their databases, because we are introducing a program which parses up to 41 fields of information for every new lead," said RingLead's vice president of enterprise and channel sales, John Kosturos, in a statement. "This information includes emails, persona-based contact information, job titles, social media profiles, firmographics, and company information, [such as] address, phone number, headquarters information, and Web site URLs. Where available, a brief bio is added. Ultimately, we are helping to drive lead scoring, qualification, segmentation, and customized messaging.

Automatic Firmographic Append features do the following:

  • Adds company size information to every new lead;
  • Appends location information to correctly assign a sales territory;
  • Auto-populates fields for leads, contacts, and accounts;
  • Reduces the number of fields on forms;
  • Appends leads with industry and title information;
  • Scans 18 of the most popular social networks;
  • Uses industry codes to segment leads and contacts byrevenue, number of employees, industry, SIC code, and NAICS code

RingLead's new account-based solution for Salesforce.com and Marketo also includes an enhanced de-duplication program.

"On average, companies that work with us find that their CRM contains 20 percent to 40 percent duplicates," Kosturos said. "That's a lot of hours wasted, which could be used for finalizing deals."

Unique De-Duplication features do the following:

  • Identifies duplicates within Lead, Contact, and Account objects and duplicates across objects;
  • Determines which fields to use in duplicate matching and their importance;
  • Looks at many attributes associated with a lead, contact ,or account, such as name, domain, location information, telephone number, and company;
  • Uses fuzzy matching by applying wildcards, multiple SOQL filters, and other techniques to first find possible matches and score those candidates for closeness;
  • Merges records manually, automatically in bulk, or in real time as they enter your system;
  • Provides full control over field mapping and field update rules. Field-specific update options include Overwrite, Ignore, Update if Blank, Prepend, Append, and Increment; and
  • Checks new data against existing data to make sure that it's unique.

Three additional RingLead solutions help to amplify the results of its de-duplication software. Unique Entry prevents reps from entering dupes, because it starts looking for dupes while a rep is typing. Unique Web-to-Lead prevents duplicates from web form submissions and Unique Upload prevents duplicates from arising from list uploads.

RingLead also today launched data operations Web hook software to help companies manage all of their supervisory data activity and combine multiple data tasks into a single process. It also eliminates duplicates, increases data standards, enables advanced firmographic and contact appends, validates all emails, and simplifies account-based lead routing.

"Consolidating multiple data vendors into a single source will help save companies money and increase their lead processing time,"Kosturos said. "We know these are essential components to a smooth and successful sales flow. RingLead's new data operations web hook software achieves both of these tasks and does so affordably. First, by centralizing your vendors, and secondly, by reducing the number of web hooks your organization is utilizing at any one time," he said.

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