• June 27, 2016

RingLead Releases Unique Web-To-Lead

RingLead has released Unique Web-to-Lead, a data quality software solution that prevents duplicates, links leads to existing accounts, and appends firmographic, contact, and social data while validating email addresses in real time.

"RingLead's Unique Web-to-Lead is must-have integration for any organization attempting to implement data-driven sales and marketing strategies," said RingLead's director of product management, Brandon Carstens, in a statement. "We are especially excited about the Account Based Lead Routing and firmographic append features in this software. Anyone attempting to implement an ABM strategy needs a tool like this to effectively manage their lead flow."

Unique Web-to-Lead provides a suite of solutions to address the lead qualification process with the following features:

  • Lead Enhancement with Social and Firmographic Information, which helps marketers improve Web-to-lead conversion rates by minimizing the number of fields that are on their forms. RingLead's software platform will append firmographic information, contact details, and social data to enable a demographic lead score, create personalized segmentation, and route leads to specialized representatives.
  • Account-Based Lead Routing, which automatically links or converts new leads into matching accounts.
  • Data Standardization, with dozens of rules for defining and enforcing data standards in such categories as company and person names, URLs, streets, cities, states and provinces, phone numbers, and job titles.
  • Advanced Duplicate Prevention, to prevent duplicate leads, contacts, and accounts from being created in real time. Unique Web-to-Lead contains an automatic merging solution that enables information to flow in while preserving key information entered during the sales and marketing process.
  • Automatic campaign and task creation, which ensures that new leads are followed up by assigning the appropriate Lead Source information and then automatically generates a Salesforce campaign membership. Additionally, tasks for sales and marketing teams are automatically produced.
  • Email Validation, with results that can be routed directly to CRM and marketing automation systems.

Salesforce.com users can leverage existing Salesforce Lead assignment rules with multiple entry points and control individually allocated Lead Assignment rules for each aspect. This allows existing Salesforce assets and to be utilized effectively.

"Sales teams currently using Salesforce will greatly benefit from Unique Web-to-Lead, because their newly updated accounts will have the most complete and accurate company data available to them," said John Kosturos, RingLead's chief revenue officer, in a statement. "This lends to an easy upsell opportunity of multiple product lines at the same time. Plus, the immediate Lead routing feature also does away with the time-consuming need for manual researching of company information. Generally, when carried out manually, the process to link Leads to Accounts is prone to mistakes and the over-contacting of current or potential clients."

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