QuestBack Rolls Out Listen & Act Engagement Tool

QuestBack, an enterprise feedback management and social CRM provider, has launched Listen & Act, a new social engagement tool that lets businesses quickly sift through messages, view levels of influence, and use engagement tools, such as surveys and communities, to create personalized experiences for their customers based on inquiries and preferences.

Listen & Act's features include feedback management through keyword monitoring and grouping of common themes; integration with the QuestBack feedback and social engagement platform; integrated sentiment analysis, and Klout scores, as well as the QuestBack people data hub, which combines unstructured social media data with structured CRM data, designed to provide a "360-degree" customer view, according to the company.

In addition to these features, Listen & Act has a "different approach" to engaging customers via its survey capabilities, Oliver Trabert, QuestBack CTO, adds.

"The key is to transform the social media message into an actionable dialogue. This is not possible if the communication stays in the social media channel," Trabert maintains. "A tweet, for example, is not ideal to solve a support issue. We transfer the Twitter user into a structured survey process. This allows us to identify the Twitter user and map his identity to the CRM identity."

By doing so, a company can gather more insights about its customers through follow-up requests and other documentation, and forward customers' messages to other staff members. The essential component of customer engagement, Trabert explains, is "data integration" combined with "the enterprise business process," which delivers a "personalized experience for the consumer and embeds the social media message into the enterprise context."

Founded in 2000, the privately held QuestBack is headquartered in Oslo, Norway, with 19 offices worldwide. Its customers include Volvo, Ernst & Young, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, and Bosch. Its platform integrates with CRM systems offered by Salesforce.com, SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft Dynamics.

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