• July 17, 2012

Salesforce Radian6 Delivers New Insights

Salesforce.com today announced new Salesforce Radian6 Insights technologies and ecosystem to empower social enterprises to manage the massive volume of social media conversations generated daily.

With Insights technologies, social enterprises can now understand the meaning behind billions of social conversations across multiple languages with in-depth sentiment, intent, demographics, and more. In addition, the Insights ecosystem delivers analytics from social leaders that can be integrated directly into the Radian6 dashboard. Radian6 Insights empowers customers to access new actionable data, act on sales and service opportunities in real time, and implement more effective social marketing campaigns.

Radian6 Insights allows companies to understand sentiment, intent, demographics, and more across the massive volume of social data, enabling companies to transform how they market, service their customers, generate leads, and evolve their product lines.

Salesforce Radian6 Insights technologies include the following:

  • In-depth Sentiment Analysis: Companies can now determine if the emotion behind each social post is positive, negative, or neutral with advanced sentiment analysis in seven languages: Chinese, English, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.
  • Natural Language Processing: Now social enterprises can instantly see which posts ask questions, express wants or needs, flag any problems, and then segment and take action accordingly.
  • Online Influence: Sophisticated social scoring systems measure who is creating, engaging, and reacting to social content, and what topics are the most important to them.
  • Enhanced Demographics: Now, companies can learn more about the authors of social posts, including self-reported demographics like age, gender, location, education, career, interests, social activities, and more.
  • Intelligent Dashboards and Analytics: With sophisticated analytics, companies can now filter through social conversation noise, identify relevant conversations, and quickly take action. The benefits include rich marketing campaign analysis, identification and triage of social customer service issues, targeted social lead generation and more.
  • Trends and Emerging Issues: Get one-click lists of the most-talked-about people, places, and things, and identify problems before they escalate, with reliable detection of customer service issues.

Salesforce Radian6 has also created the world's first Insights ecosystem to deliver best-of-breed social technologies, from natural language processing to text analytics, all in the Radian6 dashboard. With the Insights ecosystem, customers can select the best capabilities for real-time social analysis from trusted providers to suit their specific business needs, with seamless integration in Radian6. Partners will also benefit immediately by offering customers their data in real time on the leading social listening platform.

Social leaders Klout, OpenAmplify, OpenCalais are now joined in the ecosystem by Clarabridge for text sentiment analysis, Lymbix for emotion and tone classification, PeekAnalytics for social audience measurement, Solariat for social intention analysis, and new capabilities from OpenAmplify for customer service insights.

"In order for social enterprises to manage social big data, companies need to move beyond the discovery phase and drive deeper understandings of the who, what, where and why behind social media conversations," said Marcel LeBrun, senior vice president and general manager of Salesforce Radian6, in a statement. "With the new Salesforce Radian6 Insights technologies and ecosystem, companies can drive real-time understanding and engagement with customers and prospects."

"Listening platforms focus overwhelmingly on helping users monitor social activity rather than act on insights found in social data. In today's environment, once users discover insights, they must use other technologies to act on their findings. Listening platforms must give users tools to act on the insights they discover, such as social management tools for customer support, reporting tools for research, and data integrations for customer analytics," said Zach Hofer-Shall, a senior analyst at Forrester Research, in the statement.

Salesforce Radian6 Insights technologies are generally available today and included with Salesforce Radian6 deployments.

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