• July 18, 2012

Conversocial Analytics Platform to Focus on Customer Service Metrics

Conversocial, a provider of social media tools, has launched the Conversocial Analytics Platform (CAP) designed to provide a range of new analytics focused on customer service performance.

Conversocial is now offering true customer service key performance indicator (KPI) tracking of companies' Facebook and Twitter presence

Multi-page analysis instantly provides statistics across any company page or combination of Facebook pages and Twitter accounts. Date range comparisons allow for analysis of social interactions during designated time periods. Users can now see performance during the past day, week, or month, or any other period of time with the click of a button.

Insights into customer interactions will help companies understand what types of issues their customers have - tracking negative and positive sentiment - and how this changes over time. Service level agreement (SLA) tracking and agent performance can also be measured against response time targets, and managers can track the activity and performance of individual agents.

Conversocial's customer service analytics now include the following:

  • A breakdown of incoming message patterns, offering a snapshot of customers' interactions to provide better resource planning metrics.
  • A view of outgoing responses to customers, the proportion of messages that have been replied to, and the average response time. Benchmarking allows improvement of content and performance against targets.
  • Average response times for each agent.
  • Analysis of in-tool tags, with relative volume and sentiment to help stay on top of which customer issues are more prevalent.
  • Custom channel selection, allowing users to view stats for all Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, individual channels, or custom channel groups.

"As Facebook and Twitter become the go-to customer service channels, we have spent a lot of time speaking with companies about what is really important to track," said Joshua March, CEO of Conversocial. "Conversocial's new customer service-focused analytics allow users to understand their Facebook and Twitter customer service demand, and how effectively they are meeting customers needs in real time."

More than 100 customers are already using the new analytics platform to increase customer service performance.  Movie theater operator Odeon is one of them.
"Conversocial's new analytics gives us an incredibly detailed breadth of information which is very valuable to monitoring and improving the performance of our social media channels in real time," said Alex Packham, head of social media at Odeon. "It is already yielding a valuable return on investment.

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