• June 26, 2015
  • By Leonard Klie, Editor, CRM magazine and SmartCustomerService.com

Jive Updates Its Jive-x Social Community Platform

Jive Software this week introduced the latest version of its Jive-x external community solution.

The latest cloud release includes a support center that streamlines the escalation process, new community engagement analytics for actionable insights, and a new mobile app for effective, on-the-go community management. In addition, Jive-x also offers enhanced integrations with industry-leading technology, including Zendesk's ticket management system, to automate support for unanswered customer questions.

"The whole point of Jive-x is to enable our customers to have better relationships with their customers, and not just customers but prospects that they can turn into customers with lifetime value," says Clara Liang, chief product officer at Jive. "It's about helping our customers provide the fastest answers to questions from their end users."

The new Jive-x support center streamlines the self-help experience in which consumers  ask questions and have them answered by peers, with the ultimate goal of reducing the number of customer care cases created.

New search capabilities in Jive-x include filtering and social relevance rankings for quicker access to pertinent information. In addition, users can navigate through categorized sections within the Jive community that are populated from pre-selected filters. "We want to make it as simple as possible for users to search and browse for the answers to their questions," Liang says.

A new integration with Zendesk's ticket management system allows companies to move unanswered questions into support cases "where the normal customer support workflows can take over," Liang says

The all new Jive-x mobile app lets community managers moderate communities without being tied to their desktops. "Moderating a community and keeping it going is difficult," says Liang, who points out that activities in a community are not limited by geography or normal business hours. "The brand-new mobile app supports how community managers work," she says.

In addition, Jive-x now offers even more analytics capabilities, including an engagement index chart that provides a better understanding of how members engage with the brand over time and across geographies. "It's a level of reporting to help community manager see how their communities are doing," Liang says.

The whole Jive-x solution, she adds, empowers companies to bring their social community content and the related end-to-end user experience under their control.

Jive's last quarterly update to the Jive-x product was released in February.

The Jive-x platform has been in existence for several years, but Liang says the company has "really reinvigorated it and doubled down on it," in the past two years.

Though tech support is the most obvious use case for Jive-x, Liang says the solution has much broader applicability. The business benefits to an active community that keeps customers engaged are "amazing," Liang says. "A social community is becoming a must-have. It's unfathomable that a company wouldn't want to take advantage of it today."

In addition to the Jive-x update, Jive also enhanced its Jive-n internal community solution.

The new version offers streamlined content management functionality and simplified self-service features to help employees work better together within organizations. In addition, Jive has extended its capabilities as a collaboration hub that unites employees, information, and systems across organizations, geographies, tools, and devices with enhanced integrations for Google and Microsoft applications.

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