• October 23, 2013

Jive Releases JiveX, Bringing Customer Communities to the Cloud

Jive Software today unveiled JiveX, a new cloud version of its customer community platform.

JiveX offers advanced gamification, search and theming, and new features like Facebook and Twitter integration that brings in social conversations into a central connected hub. JiveX also includes CRM and marketing automation system integration that aligns communities to key goals and metrics, enhanced profiles to connect company champions with the broader customer base, and new analytics features that propel engagement strategies.

JiveX is built on Jive's on-premises external community platform, which offers theming features that provide a consistent look with a company's brand, advanced search capabilities that highlight people, places, and content from inside the community or from other existing systems, and gamification capabilities that gives community managers built-in tools to encourage desired actions. These features along with several new enhancements in JiveX will be available to companies starting in early 2014.

JiveX merges activity from social streams like Facebook and Twitter with conversations occurring directly on community sites. Companies can also tie fan pages to a community so customers can follow, share, and make comments, which are immediately synched back to the original post. Community managers can also integrate Twitter directly into support back channels for a more holistic view of brand activity.

JiveX connects CRM and marketing automation systems like Marketo within communities. Companies can also leverage JiveX to improve how they segment campaigns based on prospect and customer activity on the community.

Point-and-click analytics blend natural language processing and sentiment analysis with pre-built templates for identifying influencers and trends. JiveX also offers personal analytics on every post so users, and especially customer champions and administrators, can understand the reach their posts have, connect with top referrers, and learn how to increase their reach.

JiveX elevates the visibility of customer heros and champions on community sites, using their vast knowledge of the business to influence others and lessen the support burden by answering questions. The profile section allows members to view how they are connected to one another and their reputation and expertise. JiveX also offers beefed-up search capabilities, including helping community members quickly look for a specific expertise.

"Now is the right time to bring the most powerful customer community to the cloud. With JiveX, we've made it possible for companies to take advantage of Jive's constant innovation without sacrificing power, scalability or security," said Nathan Rawlins, vice president of product marketing at Jive, in a statement. "Jive X transforms the way companies connect, share and learn from their customers and partners – increasing satisfaction and loyalty, reducing cost and turning customers into an extension of their support and sales teams."

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