• February 26, 2015

Jive Unveils Jive-x Winter Release

Jive Software today announced the Winter release of its Jive-x external community solution, adding new capabilities to drive brand affinity and foster prospect, customer, and partner engagement.

This latest quarterly update empowers companies to increase community participation and marketing conversion rates through targeted messaging, improved performance, and new integration with Marketo. 

With the direct integration between Jive-x and Marketo, users can supplement details about prospects' Web site activities with insight into their community interactions. With this data, marketers can automatically personalize messaging and campaigns based on each visitor's demonstrated interests.

"Today's modern, leading companies recognize that best-in-class customer and partner communities are business imperatives, not only for customer support, but for prospect and partner engagement as well," said Clara Liang, chief product officer at Jive Software, in a statement. "Our Jive-x Winter release enables businesses to better inform, captivate, track and nurture their prospects and customers, bringing the benefits of a vibrant community to every stage of the customer lifecycle."

The Jive-x Winter update adds the following new capabilities:

  • Community health report: In addition, this release provides community managers with fine-grained analytics and visibility into how member metrics changed in the past 24 hours, seven days, or month. With this new report, they can instantly see the effects of any adjustments or improvements they've made to the community.
  • Dedicated news filters: Companies can create specific groups, such as new members, people interested in a particular product, or partners, to receive relevant information from throughout the community. As a result, members will receive more focused news in their activity streams.
  • Customizable tiles: Community managers can now place customizable application tiles on any landing page to deepen engagement. The centrally managed tiles can be leveraged to draw attention to timely promotions, advertisements, images, related content from other systems, or unique navigation options.
  • Enhanced speed: This latest cloud release also delivers significant performance improvements, resulting in faster page loads.

Many of the new features available within the Jive-x Winter release will also be included in the hosted version of Jive-x. The Jive-x 8 external community product combines the very best features from the past year's cloud releases within one experience for Jive's global hosted customers. Jive-x 8 will be available starting in late March.

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