• May 21, 2015

Madison Logic Launches Activate ABM

Madison Logic, a provider of intent-activated brand and demand solutions, today launched the Activate account-based marketing suite. Madison Logic's Account Based Marketing suite, powered by intent data, lets marketers identify which companies and decision makers have explicitly or implicitly indicated intent toward their offerings and then targets them precisely via access to 260 million decision makers.

Through Activate ABM, marketers can now use intent data to define company targets, retarget Web site visitors, and employ predictive targeting. Additionally, marketers can identify topics that are resonating with their audiences.

"With Activate ABM, we help marketers reach and engage decision makers at companies actively seeking their products and solutions right now," said Madison Logic CEO Tom O'Regan, in a statement. "With this powerful product suite addition, we can point a clear return on their total marketing investment from brand to demand."

"For a long time, the true power and promise of an account-based marketing approach had yet to be realized," said Tom Stein, chairman and chief client officer at Stein IAS. "With Madison Logic's intent-driven, always-on company targeting, brands are now able to act quickly and decisively based on the right buying signals and, in turn, deliver significant performance lift and return on their ABM programs."

"B2B marketers need better digital marketing solutions to help them identify the right audience at the right companies across the marketing funnel," said Sonjoy Ganguly, senior vice president of product at Madison Logic, in a statement. "While the programmatic ecosystem is focused on reaching individuals for consumer based advertising goals, enterprise decisions are made by multiple decision makers. Because of this, the new generation of account-based marketing solutions are designed to reach groups of individuals at target companies."

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