SalesPredict Bolsters its Offerings with Predictive Demand Generation

SalesPredict, a provider of predictive B2B marketing software, today added predictive demand generation capabilities to its solution set. According to Yaron Zakai-Or, cofounder and CEO of SalesPredict, the release is the company's first in a planned series of moves toward building a fully automated, predictive account-based marketing (ABM) solution.

SalesPredict is designed to help marketers increase revenues by bubbling only the strongest leads to the forefront. The technology draws data from marketing automation systems (such as Marketo, Eloqua, and Hubspot) and CRM systems and combines it with data from the open Web and outside  sources. It then uses models that are customized according to each company's particular business needs to score each lead and account. Based on this information, the software determines the likelihood that each opportunity will be successful while providing insights into the factors contributing to these scores, and automatically segmenting audiences.

The latest version leverages these scores and insights to deliver net-new, targeted accounts that are two to four times more likely to convert, Zakai-Or says. "As we worked with our customers, we understood that helping them with their current data is the first step into a wider vision, which is helping them focus on the right accounts," Zakai-Or says.

Zakai-Or summed up the software's mission thusly in a statement:

"Everyone is buzzing about [account-based marketing], but no one is addressing the critical question: how to dynamically identify the right accounts to focus on in the first place—the ones statistically most likely to buy from you."

According to Forrest Leighton, vice president of marketing at MarcomCentral, predictive demand generation isn't just hype. In a statement, Leighton noted that SalesPredict's tools enabled the company to identify its ideal customer profile in two major industries. It then supplied the company with leads that were stronger than the those it was able to uncover both on its own and with the aide of other vendors:

“The SalesPredict leads far outperformed the others. We have seen [a threefold increase to our] opportunity conversion rates overall and  a [fourfold increase in] pipeline conversion in one vertical.”

Zakai-Or notes that in using its own solution, SalesPredict was in fact able to figure out its top target markets.

"While we serve many B2B industries, we know that we are the best fit for B2B technology companies, particularly SaaS and Martech, as well as B2B financial services companies," Betsy Graham, SalesPredict's marketing manager, told CRM in an email.

"The first workflow that we're supporting is providing [end users] with net new capabilities," Zakai-Or says. "We will be releasing additional...marketing and sales workflows to enable marketers and salespeople to use predictive [capabilities] across the funnel—from the very early funnel [and] into opportunity creation,” Zakai-Or says.

SalesPredict is available on Salesforce's AppExchange marketplace. "Our minimum commitment from a customer is $20,000," Zakai-Or says. "The pricing is based on the number of leads and the number of accounts that we score or that you buy from us." 

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