• May 9, 2016

SalesPredict Releases Predictive Revenue Automation Platform

SalesPredict, a predictive B2B marketing solution provider, has released its Predictive Revenue Automation platform, the first modules of which the company unveiled in March.

Building on its predictive lead and account scoring, predictive insights, and predictive demand generation, today's release includes fully automated predictive advertising via AdRoll, providing B2B marketers a streamlined approach to account-based marketing (ABM), retargeting, and predictive demand generation.

B2B marketers can now use SalesPredict predictive scoring, segmentation, and insights to pinpoint potential target leads and/or ABM accounts, and in just a few clicks, launch campaigns to target them, or lookalikes, via the AdRoll advertising network.

This initial release supports display network and Facebook advertising, with Twitter integration planned for the near future.

"Today we are redefining the role of predictive analytics in modern B2B marketing by integrating predictive into more key marketing functions so marketers can align with sales for a truly revenue-centric approach,"said SalesPredict Co-founder and CEO Yaron Zakai-Or in a statement. "Instead of using predictive scoring and insights to filter leads for quality retroactively, savvy marketers can now use predictive at the top of the funnel and throughout the customer journey as a lens through which to view all interactions to define which accounts and leads to pursue, to effectively target demand gen and email campaigns, and eventually, to decide which content to send prospects and which events to participate in. Our Predictive Revenue Automation platform will make all that possible."

Using predictive analytics, a company's internal CRM and marketing automation system data, the Web, and third-party data sources, SalesPredict's Predictive Revenue Automation platform provides predictive scores and insights to help B2B companies target their marketing and sales efforts more effectively.

Today's release includes the following:

  • Transparent predictive lead, account, and opportunity scoring;
  • Automated predictive advertising, display and Facebook ads via AdRoll;
  • Automated account micro-segmentation and persona definition;
  • Sales Conversation Planner, providing predictive insights into why a prospect/account is a good fit; and
  • Predictive Demand Generation for net-new leads.

"Why should modern B2B marketers waste time and squander their budgets blindly guessing and mass mailing and advertising when they can use predictive analytics and the wealth of data available to them both within their current martech stacks and beyond to scientifically target just the right people and companies?," SalesPredict's vice president of product marketing, Sahil Mansuri, said in a statement. "B2B marketers are increasingly aligned with and responsible for revenue goals. Now they have a revenue-centric, predictive platform to use to hit those quotas."

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