• June 10, 2015

SalesPredict Releases SaaS Predictive Customer Success Solution

SalesPredict, a provider of customer lifecycle intelligence solutions, has launched Predictive Customer Success to help businesses uncover the signals that lead to costly customer churn and see which customers are ready to renew or buy more. It can also provide insights into which products to suggest and why.

Using a company's CRM data, outside data sources, the open Web, and the power of data science, SalesPredict analyzes hidden data signals and delivers predictive scores and insights that show which accounts are in jeopardy and which have the best potential for an up-sell or cross-sell.

The solution lets businesses do the following:

  • Reduce churn: Predictive scores alert managers to accounts that might not renew and provide insights into why so they can take preventive action.
  • Increase customer retention: SalesPredict provides deep scientific analysis on what drives customers to renew or leave.
  • Increase up-sell/cross-sell: Predictive scores show which customers are most likely to buy more and SalesPredict recommends which products and why.

"SalesPredict's vision for providing predictive insights throughout the B2B customer lifecycle sets it apart from other vendors in the predictive sales and marketing space—many of which focus only on top of funnel and lead scoring," said Yaron Zakai-Or, SalesPredict's co-founder and CEO, in a statement. "Today, we are delivering on that vision by helping customer success, marketing, and sales teams retain more of the customers whose business they have worked so hard to earn."

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