• May 25, 2016

Mintigo Partners with Madison Logic

Mintigo, a provider of predictive marketing and sales technology, has partnered with Madison Logic to create a predictive account-based marketing solution.

The partners have endeavored to seamlessly integrate the two technologies, allowing marketers to determine the targeted list of accounts using Mintigo's predictive platform and execute large-scale digital campaigns with Madison Logic.

"Mintigo's core mission is to empower marketers by giving them the tools they need to drive intelligent engagements and exceed their sales goals month over month and year over year," said John Bara, president and chief marketing officer at Mintigo, in a statement. "Having the most relevant data is crucial, but it means nothing if it's not used correctly. Madison Logic's campaigns are the most intelligent in the industry. We're excited to partner with them to create an even better solution for our clients."

Users of the joint solution work with Mtingo's platform to discover target accounts, both from their own house list and from the universe of millions of accounts that exhibit likelihood to buy, and who also show they are in-market to purchase solutions. When that phase is complete, the target account list is sent to Madison Logic's platform to determine how each account is best engaged with relevant content across multiple channels.

"Aligning targeted content based on the buying stage of each account is critical to the success of any account based marketing program," said Vin Turk, Madison Logic's co-founder and senior vice president of audience development, in a statement. "The integration of Mintigo's platform with Madison Logic's media execution engine brings marketers once step closer to their prospects. We think there are tremendous opportunities for our clients with this partnership."

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