• May 20, 2016

Invoca Integrates with Salesforce.com Marketing Cloud

Invoca, a call intelligence company, has launched Invoca for Salesforce Marketing Cloud, a platform that enables marketers to create omnichannel customer journeys based on both digital and offline phone interactions.

With this new solution, marketers can create highly personalized and consistent customer journeys by delivering call intelligence across the Salesforce.com Marketing Cloud, including Journey Builder, Audience Builder, Email Studio, and Data Extensions.

Invoca for Salesforce Marketing Cloud gives marketers a new way to capitalize on phone calls, while adding rich new insights. For example, they can get data about who clicked and called from an email campaign, whether they purchased, and even what was said during their conversations, and use those insights to improve segmentation, personalization, and omnichannel journeys.

"A lot of marketers think they're doing omnichannel marketing, when in reality they're only managing and optimizing for the digital path to purchase," said Kyle Christensen, vice president of marketing at Invoca, in a statement. "Today's empowered consumers are using their mobile phones to engage in all kinds of ways, from messaging and live streaming to posting on social and calling. Marketers must leverage technology that helps them keep pace with this ever-changing customer journey."

"Companies are looking to transform the way they connect with customers, partners, and employees to thrive in the age of the customer," said Todd Surdey, senior vice president of ISV sales at Salesforce.com, in a statement. "By leveraging the power of the Salesforce App Cloud, Invoca provides customers with an exciting new way for marketers to harness the power of phone calls to drive more conversions and improve customer journeys delivered from Salesforce Marketing Cloud."

Invoca for Salesforce Marketing Cloud includes the following:

  • Closed-loop attribution for every call driven from email;
  • Rich data on customers, including who’s calling, what drove him to call, and what happened during the conversation;
  • Call data integrated throughout Salesforce Marketing Cloud, including Journey Builder, Audience Builder, Email Studio, and Data Extensions; and
  • The ability to report on calls alongside clicks to get a clear, centralized view of marketing performance.

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