• April 6, 2017

Invoca Launches Invoca for Instagram

Invoca, a call intelligence company, today launched Invoca for Instagram, enabling marketers to combine insights from phone calls with the visual power of Instagram to target high-value customers who want to have voice conversations.

Invoca for Instagram allows marketers to get credit for the calls they're driving from Instagram ads and reach more of them through retargeting and look-alike audiences.

"Given 70 percent of 3 Day Blinds' appointments are scheduled over the phone, it's incredibly important that our marketing campaigns across all channels, including social media, drive people to call," said Dan Williams, chief revenue officer of 3 Day Blinds, in a statement. "While the visual nature of Instagram has been great for our branding, Invoca for Instagram turns it into a viable direct-response channel. Now we have the insights to not only optimize our Instagram posts for offline conversion, but to reach more of our best customers through look-alike audience targeting."

Invoca for Instagram includes the following:

  • Granular attribution down to the ad level, with actionable data about the Instagram ads driving customers to click-through, call, and then convert offline.
  • Re-targetting based on call insights, triggering retargeting ads on Instagram that are personalized based on attributes such as where a call came from, what was said, and whether someone converted.
  • Look-alike audiences, helping fing people who look like other customers who converted over the phone. This rich caller data can then be passed on to Instagram to create a seed audience for look-alike audience targeting.
  • Call and click data together for a complete online and offline view of ad performance.

"Social platforms like Instagram are fundamentally changing the way we consume content, which in turn impacts how brands today are attracting audiences," said Kyle Christensen, senior vice president of marketing at Invoca, in a statement. "For example, building your email database requires a vastly different strategy than reaching your best customers on Instagram. Driving revenue and improving the customer experience in this new landscape requires a new set of rules, and that includes leveraging data from both voice and online interactions."

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