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September 23, 2020

Magazine Features

The Best Marketing Automation Software and Solutions: The 2020 CRM Industry Leader Awards

The Best Sales Force Automation (SFA) Software and Solutions: The 2020 CRM Industry Leader Awards


How Well Are Schedules Going? Graph Service Level

Here are a few considerations to help smooth out service-level dips during certain times of the day or days of the week. (Featured on

CRM Across the Wire

Salesforce Adds to Sales Cloud 360

Sales Cloud 360 innovations help sales teams shift to all-digital experiences and adapt their end-to-end sales processes.

Cogito Integrates with Amazon Connect

Cogito's AI Coaching System integrates with Amazon Connect to provide iIn-the-moment behavioral guidance and measurement to call center employees

RollWorks Partners with Uberflip, Reactful, Hushly, and Google

New integrations with RollWorks' Site Visitor API bring account-level website data in real time.

Mailchimp Launches Tools for SMBs

Mailchimp's new SMB tools include new integrations, campaign builders, and artificial intelligence.

Vidyard Introduces HubSpot Video Reporting & Analytics Tools

Users of HubSpot Video, which is powered by Vidyard, now have greater insight into customer behaviors and the impact of their online video content.

InMoment Launches Experience Improvement (XI) Solutions

InMoment's new solution set helps companies manage alerts, workflows, reporting, and digital transformation.

PagerDuty Introduces Customer Service Solution

PagerDuty for Customer Service helps agents resolve customer issues and collaborate with technical teams in real time.

CRM Blog

J.D. Power Backs Up What We've Been Saying All Along

Customer service and reputation—not price—drive lifetime customer value, J.D. Power finds.