• September 22, 2020

InMoment Launches Experience Improvement (XI) Solutions

InMoment today introduced XI Workflow for complex data management; XI Moments for curation, display, and alerts of key experience moments; XI Digital Transformation; and XI Field Reporting.

InMoment is also announcing new strategic service and consulting solutions for experience improvement through an array of offerings, including XI Transformation, XI Journey Mapping & Moment Analysis, XI Predict, XI Outcome Linkage, and expanded benchmarking, competitive, market, and brand experience solutions.

"InMoment is passionate about improving moments that matter. It's the key to an effective experience program. This could mean focusing on employee feedback at one company and onboarding at another," said Andrew Joiner, CEO of InMoment, in a statement. "While businesses are very logical, people are emotional. This difference has made it difficult to offer this new class of solution in the past. But InMoment is now giving leaders a new, better set of metrics to run their businesses and the ability to know where to focus—to really see and own the moments that matter."

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