• September 22, 2020

RollWorks Partners with Uberflip, Reactful, Hushly, and Google

RollWorks, a division of NextRoll, today unveiled a Site Visitor API, which powers new integrations with Uberflip, Reactful, Hushly, and Google Analytics to enable account-level identification, including firmographic details of site visitors in real time.

New partners Uberflip, Reactful, and Hushly have built integrations to ingest the new RollWorks Site Visitor API data, allowing B2B marketers to create personalized experiences for their web, chat, and landing page visitors. The Google Analytics integration provides marketers with account-based lenses by which to view analytics and web traffic patterns.

Many marketers want to better understand their anonymous website traffic to create a more tailored experience for accounts visiting and analyze trends over time," said Justin Cooperman, vice president of product at RollWorks, in a statement. "Our Site Visitor API directly addresses this growing use case in ABM and helps improve web, chat, and landing page personalization by identifying accounts that were previously unknown. By integrating these insights with leading personalization partners like Uberflip, Reactful, and Hushly, we're helping customers activate these insights, no matter what platform they may already be using."

With the Rollworks and Uberflip app, B2B marketers can dynamically personalize account experiences in real time.

"Uberflip and RollWorks share the sentiment that a truly effective ABM strategy requires a tailor-made experience for each account from the distribution channel to the campaign destination filled with decision-enabling content. This is what will drive meaningful engagement, making for great alignment with our technologies,"said Yoav Schwartz, CEO of Uberflip, in a statement. "Uberflip's platform allows for a simple, seamless integration with RollWorks' proprietary data and machine learning technology. By simply using your existing RollWorks Pixel, paired with an easy-to-setup integration with Uberflip, we' re making it easy to leverage buying intent data to generate personalized content experiences."

The Reactful integration with RollWorks helps customers hyper-target key buyers on customer websites and then convert these high-value website visitors in real time with a dynamic and personalized experience. RollWorks customers can now use their account based data with Reactful to create a seamless buyer journey by aligning messaging and content experiences across campaign, audience, channel, industry, company size, location, etc., without changes on their websites.

"A more relevant, personalized experience can boost engagement and conversion substantially. Reactful's ABX powered by RollWorks helps customers hyper-target, engage, and convert their website visitors in real time with data-driven, dynamic web content," said Leifur Thordarson, president and CEO of Reactful, in a statement. "Reactful, along with RollWorks' real-time Site Visitor API, provides mutual customers with a best-of-breed approach to deliver targeted and consistent experiences for their high-value website visitors."

Hushly provides a content engagement, lead conversion, and lead enrichment platform powered by AI. Together, RollWorks and Hushly supercharge B2B account-based strategies with targeted ads, as well as post-ad engagement, conversions, and enrichment.

"With RollWorks' robust account-level capabilities and Hushly's ability to engage those visitors with relevant content offers, you can create a holistic ABM program that engages and educates your target accounts," said Geoff Rego, CEO of Hushly, in a statement. "You can also add additional Hushly capabilities for lead conversion and lead enrichment to increase the contact coverage in your target accounts. The RollWorks integration with Hushly provides a great way to execute an ABM campaign with targeting by revenue size, industry, or simply target domains and accounts."

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