• December 5, 2022

Rollworks Introduces Keyword Intent

Account-based marketing platform provider RollWorks, a division of NextRoll, has introduced RollWorks Keyword Intent to help marketing and sales teams track intent signals, find more accounts showing those relevant readiness signals, prioritize accounts, and personalize messaging.

"Keyword Intent is a groundbreaking new solution that raises the bar for intent data," said Mike Stocker, senior vice president of partnerships at Rollworks, in a statement. "RollWorks' unique approach is not an either/or but all. By offering our own keyword intent data, combined with best-in-class Bombora Intent and G2 buyer intent, we are providing multiple, corroborating sources of intent that give organizations the best possible results to allow them to be more certain that an account is actually in market. We're the only solution with this level of sophistication."

When layered on top of Bombora and G2 intent in the RollWorks platform, Keyword Intent gives companies greater confidence that the accounts are in market. It helps them tap into unknown audiences that are ready to buy.

Users of Rollworks' Keyword Intent can do the following:

  • Find accounts that are showing intent on terms like product names or competitor names;
  • Get keyword recommendations to understand what to be tracking based on site content;
  • Understand what accounts are researching;
  • Gain greater confidence that accounts are really showing intent; and
  • Unlock more ways to use keyword intent data.

"You lose 100 percent of the in-market accounts you don't act upon," said Jodi Cerretani, vice president of revenue marketing at RollWorks, in a statement. "With a high level of granularity and flexibility in keyword selection, Keyword Intent gives marketing and sales teams more meaningful and precise intent signals to enable better account identification and prioritization of accounts. This allows organizations to quickly fill gaps in their current go-to-market strategy while growing and protecting their current business."

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