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September 25, 2019

CRM Featured Articles

Microsoft Boosts the AI in Dynamics 365

Microsoft has added apps and features to the Dynamics 365 product line to analyze additional consumer and in-store data.


5 Steps to Creating the Perfect Mobile Checkout

Unwieldy mobile checkouts can drive away online shoppers in droves. Fortunately, even minor user interface tweaks can produce considerable results.

Tips for Creating a Stronger Customer Relationship

Every customer contact is an opportunity to convince customers to continue doing business with you. (Featured on

CRM Across the Wire

Avaya Updates Its IX Contact Center Portfolio

The upgrades to Avaya's IX Contact Center portfolio include new dashboards, a messaging feature, and desktop scripting. (Featured on

Affinio Launches ATON Analytics Platform

ATON is an artificial intelligence powered analytics solution

Apttus Enhances CPQ, CLM Solutions

Updates add artificial intelligence capabilities to Apttus' Configure-Price-Quote and Contract Lifecycle Management solutions.

Vidyard Releases Free and Pro Versions of Its Video Hosting Service

Vidyard, available now as free and pro versions, allows any business to create, host, and share videos across digital channels.

Sprinklr Launches AI-Powered Smart Responses

Sprinklr has added Smart Response Recommendations and Smart Response Compliance to its Sprinklr Intuition AI platform.

Chili Piper Builds App Integrated with Intercom’s Messenger Platform

Chili Piper's new app can route leads and opportunities in real time and enable self-booking by prospects or two-click booking by agents.

Chatmeter Updates Pulse and Analytics Studio

Chatmeter's advancements in text and sentiment analytics provide greater accuracy, more actionable insights, and enhanced custom reporting.

The Last Line

Speech Recognition Is Not Speech Understanding

Companies and contact centers strive to communicate with customers across countries and languages, but are their efforts getting lost in [machine] translation?