• September 24, 2019

Affinio Launches ATON Analytics Platform

Affinio today launched ATON, an augmented analytics platform that can surface insights and connect data points that reside at multiple points throughout companies.

"ATON is the platform that will allow enterprises to democratize data science across their organizations and gain an unprecedented level of performance from their data assets," said Tim Burke, Affinio's co-founder and CEO, in a statement.

ATON can ingest and analyze infinite amounts of data across companies' entire first-party infrastructures. This includes website data, purchase transactions, CRM, data management platforms, product information management systems, customer data platforms, data lakes, or any other data source. A flexible interface allows ATON to sit on top of existing technology stacks, providing business users the ability to begin gleaning insights immediately.>

"Enterprises have literally oceans of information in their data that they are desperately trying to navigate, and they've invested millions of dollars into data infrastructure," Burke said. "But to make that data useful, they need a cross-system navigation tool. That's why we developed ATON, which takes inspiration from the nautical acronym Aid to Navigation. It allows organizations to navigate this sea of data and make smarter decisions faster."

ATON leverages Affinio's artificial intelligence-based segmentation and visualization technology. Its specialized clustering algorithm can be used to identify and visualize common customer patterns, like purchase behavior, content consumption, web surfing patterns, or travel preferences.

ATON generates aggregate insights in a visual layer that doesn't expose personal information. It can be deployed as a containerized solution to any enterprise cloud for greater security.

With an AI Insights Dashboard, Affinio delivers a standardized visual rendering of key metrics, enabling business users to see at a glance all insights that ATON surfaces. The visual dashboard is fully integrated with the AI segmentation engine and includes Affinio's proprietary network graph visualization informed by its patented algorithm.

ATON can be hosted by Affinio or deployed on companies' private clouds.

All insights can be connected back to other applications from product to marketing.

"ATON is the direct result of listening to the challenges and concerns that enterprise data science teams face today," said Jon Baron, chief revenue officer at Affinio, in a statement. "Every organization wants to be data-driven, but that goal simply isn't possible if only one team within the enterprise is able to surface and develop actionable insights. ATON empowers non-data scientists to answer business-critical questions whenever and however they need to."

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