• September 24, 2019

Sprinklr Launches AI-Powered Smart Responses

Sprinklr has added to its Sprinklr Intuition AI capabilities with the release of Smart Response Recommendations for customer care and Smart Response Compliance for brand engagement.

Sprinklr Intuition, a set of artificial intelligence capabilities, is embedded into all five products that make up Sprinklr's Unified Front Office for Modern Channels.

With Smart Response Recommendations in Sprinklr Modern Care customer care agents no longer have to search for a reply script and manually respond to every single query. Smart Response Recommendations reads the ongoing conversation with the customer and then offers the agent three suggested responses. These suggestions include text, relevant emojis, and brand-approved assets. Agents can then use the response directly or edit it before sending it out.

With Sprinklr Smart Response Beta customers, the recommended response is used by agents 60 percent of the time, which has reduced customer support service-level agreement time by 33 percent.

The accuracy of Smart Response Recommendations will improve over time as Sprinklr Intuition AI learns by using past customer interactions to deliver the best responses based on how agents have replied to customer queries.

Smart Response Compliance in Sprinklr Modern Engagement flags content for possible compliance problems based on tone, relevance, gender, and keywords. Red flags are generated if responses do not comply with any of these six categories: Brand Guidelines, Profanity, Relevance, Semantics, Tone, and Bias. In addition to analyzing text, Sprinklr's AI-powered Visual Insights checks for logo and brand colors to ensure they align with visual guidelines for objects, scenes, gender, and activities in images.

Other capabilities added as part of the system upgrades include the following:

  • Enhanced Smart Alerts for crisis management, allowing users to customize the volume limit for the number of brand mentions that must be exceeded before a Smart Alert is triggered;
  • Smart Content Intelligence for modern marketing, with whichAI automatically classifies brand posts into categories to help users understand which message themes, tones, and objectives are driving the most engagement; and
  • Smart Crop for visual displays, allowing Sprinklr Display and Presentations users to leverage AI visual detection to identify a face in an image and automatically crop it.

"With business value now being defined by the customer experience, companies need to leverage advanced AI to help them drive collaboration across the entire front office and fully understand their customers," said Pavitar Singh, chief technology officer at Sprinklr, in a statement. "Sprinklr's AI can process more than 1 billion customer conversations a day. This is why we're specifically built to help the world's largest brands understand and act on the tremendous amount of customer data they're gathering all day."

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