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October 17, 2016

CRM Featured Articles

Agent.AI Launches Intelligent Tools to Speed Up Customer Service Interactions

The CRM platform leverages machine learning capabilities to streamline common support interactions. (Featured on

Savo Releases Aero to Streamline Sellers' Access to Content

The platform is designed to help reps locate content suitable for their sales interactions.


Delivering Great Customer Experience Takes More than the Net Promoter Score

The metric is still useful, but companies should use it with care—and recognize that new ways are needed to assess customer satisfaction.

Saving Your Company Image Starts in the Contact Center

A few simple investments can have significant impact on brand impressions and customer loyalty. (Featured on

Case Studies

Indochino Tailors Customer Experiences with Qubit

The online-first suitmaker is building an in-store customer base, and cementing new locations, using the Visitor Cloud

Small Biz Buzz

Why Isn’t CRM Adoption Higher? CRM Vendor Execs Weigh In

An informal survey reveals what vendors, and SMBs, need to do better

CRM Across the Wire

Marchex Partners with DoubleClick

New integration provides marketers a real-time view through conversions for inbound calls.

iConstituent Releases Email Threading for Government CRM

New constituent relationship management technology will tie email to other communications and the larger constituent record.

DrivenBI Launches SRK Importer

DrivenBI's SRK Importer empowers self-service BI data preparation.

Melissa Data Expands National Change-of-Address Services in Europe

NCOA services in international markets help companies reduce undeliverable mail.

Redweb Partners with Telligent for Social Communities

The partnership will provide the two companies' Sitecore clients with technology to drive collaboration and engagement.

Majesco Partners with

The integration of's platform with Majesco's DigitalConnect platform will help insurance companies engage customers.