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June 29, 2016

CRM Featured Articles

Bullhorn Unearths Hidden Value in Email Interactions [Video Interview]

Vinda Souza explains how breaking down the walls between email and CRM systems can help organizations find valuable insight.


What I Learned from On-Hold Music

Mucical tastes aside, companies' on-hold choices say a lot about their attention to demographic details. (Featured on

5 Reasons Not to Replace Your Sales Reps with Robots

No, the machines aren't taking over just yet. Here's why your reps are (or should be) indispensable.


Inbound and Outbound Converge in the New Contact Center

Call blending is the new normal as customer service becomes more proactive

Pint of View

Enabling Behavior

We use strange language to describe our applications

CRM Across the Wire

BT Collaborates with Oracle on Cloud Offering

BT has become the first global network services provider to offer direct access to the Oracle Cloud.

Accenture Introduces a High Velocity Customer Experience Solution

Accenture's High Velocity Customer Experience Solution is designed for fast implementations of SAP solutions for customer engagement and commerce.

Rover Releases New Mobile Proximity Marketing Platform

The redesigned platform makes it easier for companies to take advantage of beacon technology and monetize their apps.

CallidusCloud Acquires Badgeville

The $7.5 million deal makes gamification part of the CallidusCloud platform. Unveils Lightning Customer Community

Lightning Customer Community enables companies to engage with their customers through online social communities.

RingLead Releases Unique Web-To-Lead

Web-to-Lead offers account-based lead routing, lead enhancement with social and firmographic append options, duplicate prevention, and more.

Qualtrics Integrates with Slack

Qualtrics can send and respond to surveys directly through the Slack platform.